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Best Portrait Photographers

The best portrait photographers employ many skills, much more than just photography. Of course great photography is a must, but as well as that, it's getting the expression from a person that makes people look at an image and exclaim, "that is so them!" Capturing the essence of someone, that's what makes a great portrait photographer.

Portrait & Family Photographer

Your family photographer is someone that you should have regular contact with, at least once a year. Because portraits & family photographs are so easily overlooked.

We get busy, and time flies by. Make sure you capture those unrepeatable moments. Take time today to book a professional portrait session  - you will love the beautiful photographs that come out of it. 

















Painted Wall Portraits

Family Photography

Professional family photographers who take beautiful photos of those people most precious to you, should be in your life at least once a year.

There are those special times every year when some families come together, and it may only be one time. Like the image below, shot on Christmas Eve as a large wall portrait.

No matter how often your family are gathered, a professional family portrait is worth it's weight in gold. However much you love it today, you will love it so much more as time passes, and people change.



The Downside Of Digital.

Family portraits have been overshadowed a lot by digital devices. After all, most of us can reach into our pockets, pull out a phone, and snap a high resolution family photo. Though these images may be cute at the time, it's extremely unlikely that the lighting and posing will all have fallen into place, and even less unlikely that any of these images will be printed onto a canvas and hung in a large format over the fireplace.

So in the end, most of our images end up living on hard drives, or worse still, on phones, often to be lost at some point when something fails.

What happens when we want to show someone that image we took last year with the kids on the beach? Lots and lots of scrolling, all the while muttering under our breath "where is it???" As we take more and more, we find it increasing difficult to lay our hands on anything.

Since we have access to devices that allow us to easily take photos, we overlook the need to have them properly taken - and that's why professional family photos are more important now than ever before.

Life passes by at such a blistering pace, our kids are taller than we are before we know it, and the generation above us is suddenly gone one day. I know from a devastating personal experience how hugely important  good images are of those we love, old and young, and especially our children.

Before any more time slips away, make an appointment for a professional family photo session, either in the portrait studio, outdoors, or if you prefer, in your own home.

You will enjoy the experience, love the results, and get to look at beautiful images of your family every single day. When friends walk into your home and stand staring at a wall portrait before exclaiming "I love your family photograph", it will all be worth the effort.

Get in touch with your local wedding & portrait photographer today, using the contact form or phone buttons.

Traditional Portraits


Portrait photography provides the kind of timeless, framed wall art that can never be enjoyed on the screen of a phone, or a computer.

Let's start by asking, when was the last time you had a professional family portrait taken?

painted-portrait-family-photography-Time slips by so fast, one minute our children are in our arms, the next they are in school, and before we know it we are looking for a wedding photographer for them. Don't let that time slip away without capturing beautiful, priceless images. Let's make sure that we capture them as much as we can as they progress through all of their childhood years.

Hugh Anderson Photography specializes in beautiful traditional family photographs. Our artistic creative wall pieces can be created in studio, or if you prefer, in your own home.  The benefit of having a traditional family portrait taken at home is you will have everything you need at hand - clothes, accessories, etc. As a local photographer, we are able to offer this service, for family photos, senior photography, and a range of other genres. If you need a headshot photographer, it's the same as needing a portrait photographer, with a few differences. Ask for details.

Your Family Portrait Photographer

The role of a family photographer in your life shouldn't be a one off event, a passing unrepeatable experience . It's should be ongoing, an important responsibility, documenting the lives of families in a consistent and professional manner. It's my duty to prompt my clients, to remind them that some time has passed since their last session, and so perhaps we should schedule the next.  I apologize in advance, but if you work with me this year, you will be hearing from me next year, In a respectful, friendly way of course. How else can we create wonderful, lasting memories that will absolutely be enjoyed for years, even generations, to come?