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Do you need an ERAS photo for your medical residency application? If so, you are in just the right place.

It’s fair to say that your ERAS photo is critically important. This ERAS photo is your presentation to those people that will be reviewing your application for the medical school residency program.

Of course, it’s not just about the ERAS photo, that’s of course not what will get you ultimately selected. However, the first thing that will be seen on all of the applications is the ERAS photo, that’s what will jump out of the page. It really is the first impression.

If the person reviewing your application for med school has a pile of 200 to get through, and they are perhaps skimming through them, the best chance to catch their eye is a stellar ERAS photo. A bad ERAS photo, that maybe doesn’t fully meet the proper requirements, might send an application to the rejected pile.

This is of course all theoretical since we don’t know how anyone will deal with the applications,  but why even take a chance? Let’s make sure your ERAS photo is everything that it should be.

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ERAS Requirements

The electronic residency application service, also known as ERAS, requires applicants to submit a photograph along with their application. The photo must be accurately formatted according to the current AAMC residency guide specifications. It is recommended to get a high-quality headshot photo for your ERAS application, which can be obtained from professional photographers

Specifications that are required by the AAMC for your ERAS application are:

  • A 2.5 x 3.5-inch image
  • A resolution of 150 dpi
  • Total file size less than 150kb
  • Neutral background

It’s really quite a small image, think driver’s license size. That of course isn’t the size we will start with – we will start with a high-resolution digital photograph, and reduce it to suit the ERAS application. That will give you a sharp, clear residency headshot.

You can also follow the link to the MyERAS Residency USER GUIDE for more useful information.

Residency Applicants – You Get A Bonus.

An ERAS photo is, as mentioned above, small. But that’s not all you will take home. Here’s what else you will get.

  • Your ERAS photo will be in full resolution.
  • Both print and web resolution versions.
  • Different crops to fit various social sites

You may want to use a professional photo in a typical rectangular format for one particular use, but then need it to be a square for your LinkedIn profile portrait. We make sure you have the right crops to avoid distorted social media profile photos.

Preparing For A Professional Headshot.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your photograph looks as best as it can, let’s talk about those.

1. Haircuts should at least a few days before the session. Freshly cut hair stands out as freshly cut (weird, right?) so give a little space between the cut and the shoot.

2. Men – facial hair should be neatly trimmed. Nobody wants to see an unruly beard in a primary application photo, so make sure that you trim.

3. Ladies – as per point 1, allow some time between things like eyebrow waxing, and your photo shoot. Treatments that will leave your skin red should be enough in advance so that your skin is back to normal on the day of the shoot.

With regard to make-up, less is better. It can look a little overdone in camera, so a more natural look will produce the best result. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, this is just some advice that may be helpful to you.

Some FAQ’s

What Should I Wear For My ERAS Photo?

Your ERAS residency application photo is more about you, rather than what you are wearing. What you wear should be muted, and blend into the background so to speak.

Black, gray, dark green, and white are safe colors. Wearing something really bright is best avoided, bright attire will deflect attention from you.

Men are best presented in a suit jacket, shirt, and tie.  Girls, a blouse and jacket work well. Check out the images on this page for ideas.

And you can absolutely bring some things along with you and ask for advice as to what will work best in your session. A couple of jackets, different blouses, or whatever you are unsure of wearing. We can test.

When submitting your ERAS photo, dress professionally but avoid wearing a white coat. If you wear glasses regularly, by all means, wear them for your photograph. Dressing formally in a suit or other professional attire can showcase your personality and make a positive impression on admissions committees.

What If I Find It Awkward To Smile For Pictures?

Not everyone has an ERAS photo taken with a beaming smile, though, of course, some do. Often though, it’s a little softening of expression, often with lips still pressed together. Not looking like you are laughing big, but then not looking grumpy either. This is something you will be coached through, and it’s easy. Not something to worry about at all. Your picture has hit the mark if it displays characteristics like approachability, trust, empathy, and professionalism.

Will my picture Be Retouched?

Yes, all images delivered to clients are retouched. It’s important to remember though that you have to be represented accurately. Retouching shouldn’t make you look like an entirely different person. But things like skin blemishes, stray hairs, etc. will all be taken care of for your final image submission upload.

What Color Of Background Works?

The background is required to be neutral. There are different opinions on what works best, some people prefer a white background or light grey, while others prefer a darker background for their pictures. I disagree with the school of thought that says a white background makes people stand out more. It depends for a start on skin tone. Of the three ERAS photos below, I think that the white background is the weakest.

However, if you prefer white, that’s not a problem. It’s a taste thing, and there is no right or wrong. Neutral is the rule we have to follow. AAMC support is at this link.


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