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Event Photographer

Corporate Events, Parties, Fundraisers.

If you need to have an event covered, Hugh Anderson Photography has the experience to meet the task.

Having photographed weddings for over 10 years, moving quickly between different lighting conditions, and capturing the action as it unfolds, is what I can bring to your event.

A good mix of image styles from events is ideal, the candid images that catch the action as it unfolds, and of course the staged shots that have people looking straight into the camera and smiling, both individually and in groups.

Detroit Marathon

Standing in Detroit at 6 a.m., in the middle of October, is not the time to forget to bring gloves. But I did just that, and it was cold!

But my heart was certainly warmed by the courage and stamina shown by thousands of people running the course. Here’s international half-marathon female winner Andrea Pomaranski of Wolverine Lake crossing the finish line.


Kovan Golf Classic

These ladies arrive at the Kovan Golf Classic every year, fully coordinated. It’s a joy to photograph them. The event is a fundraiser and lasts from early morning until well into the evening.  Here’s a link to a previous year. 


Stars That Shine Bright.

Glenda Lewis & Roop Raj are two wonderful people that I come across regularly when covering events for FAR Therapeutic Arts & Therapy and Variety The Childrens Charity. It’s always so clear how deeply Glenda & Roop care about the causes they support. And their involvement is immense in what it brings to the charities.

The image of Glenda was at Jimmy John’s Field at the Variety Bikes Giveaway, where over 100 needy children were gifted a new bike, as well as helmets, locks, etc. As the event photographer for both charities, I get to see the emotion that flows at these events.

Roop is shown at the FAR Therapeutic Arts & Therapy Sing Out event held in Detroit. The kids performed beautifully, and the entire evening was a blast. Check out the images below.


Event Photographer.

During the Sing Out event put on by FAR Therapeutic Arts & Therapy, the awesome Gregory Bator, a superb auctioneer, worked the attendees with absolute expertise.

How much did he raise? In excess of $100,000. WOW!!!

But to be clear, when I say that he worked the crowd, make no mistake, it was with their enthusiastic consent. They were there to give to FAR, and they gave big time.

In my years as an event photographer, I have seen many people holding the microphone. But none have done ith with the flair of Gregory.  So if you need an expert auctioneer to raise funds at your event, call Gregory Bator. He’s the man!


Corporate Event Photographer.

There are many corporate event types. Conventions, staff recognition, training events, and more.

Hugh Anderson Photography has dealt with events that simply involve general coverage, as well as conventions that require as many as 150 headshots to be taken, during the 1 hour break!

In this high-volume situation, I will set up multiple photo stations, with the exact same background, lighting, etc, to ensure that there is consistency in the final event images.

If you need photography coverage for your event, please get in touch. Pricing is usually custom-built depending on your requirements on the day.

Corporate Christmas Parties.

Every year when the corporate Christmas parties roll around, I find myself in the thick of people celebrating what was hopefully a great year! Is your company having a big bash this year? If so, reach out if you would like a quote for full photography coverage of your event.

Packages usually include the coverage and all digital images. The images are never delivered straight out of the camera – there is always an amount of editing that is done on all images.  If you would like additional retouching completed on any particular image(s), that can be arranged.

Other Photography Services

Here is a list of typical photography services provided. Of course, it is not exhaustive, so please got in touch if what you need is not listed.


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