Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Wedding & portrait photographer Hugh Anderson has been a local photographer since 2007. There's one definite goal - to provide an exceptional experience for all clients, and produce absolutely  beautiful wedding and portrait photographs. Get in touch today.

Recent Testimonial

"Hugh was a second shooter for our wedding back in July 2017 and he truly went above and beyond and was so fun to work with. I remember him multiple times helping me with my dress and holding my husbands sunglasses because he was always forgetting to take them off his head lol.
He has a great eye and got many amazing shots that I will treasure forever. We really enjoyed his work and presence on our special day. Thanks Hugh!!"
Jessie DeGrandis
February 2018

The Best Wedding Photographer

Finding the best wedding photographer (for you) is quite a task. How do you define the best?

In truth, one photographer may be more technically proficient than another, but that doesn't mean you will like what they produce for you. It's all a matter of taste. Like everything artistic, the results are subjective.

Look for images that resonate with you, images that you would like to come from your wedding day photos. And if the photographer can show themselves to be responsible and professional, have a chat.

This is your opportunity to see what your local wedding photographers are all about. Above all, never be afraid to ask the hard questions. It's your wedding photography you are discussing, a once in a lifetime event.

You can check out the following article if you are still trying to find out how to find the best wedding photographer. The article is full of useful information.

Remember, professional wedding photography is more than just having a "nice camera". Buying the best stove wont make a person a great cook, any more than a good camera will make a person the best wedding photographer. Look closely at local wedding photographers, examine their work, choose wisely.