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Portrait of a young lady in a leather jacket. Hugh Anderson Photography.
Business headshot. Businessman in his suit. Hugh Anderson Photography
Headshots. Business headshot by Hugh Anderson Photography. Beth

Headshot & Portrait Photography


Headshots and business portraits are becoming a must have in the modern corporate online presence.

Having high quality headshots and business portraits is not only desirable, it’s now very much a requirement. It’s the thing that people wishing to connect with us judge us upon, rightly or wrongly. When we deal with people online, or even when planning to meet them in person, we seek out some information. The profile image has proven to be one of the first things we go to.

How many times have you looked at a headshot of someone and thought “they seem nice” or perhaps even “that doesn’t look like someone I would like”. Maybe they look happy and approachable, or maybe they look a little stern. Yes, we really do judge the book by the cover, even if we shouldn’t.

Business portraits.

Producing approachable business portraits is where an experienced headshot and portrait photographer comes in. A typical session involves taking a range of images, and in the end choosing what you like best. It’s these business portraits that will capture you in the way you would like to be seen by others. And of course in the flattering light.

Your business portrait, business headshot or whatever you prefer to call it, should focus only on one thing. You. Your personality needs to shine through, and that’s where a professional headshot photographer makes the difference. Bringing out the personality of our clients is what we do. Capturing the essence of you in a single image. People who know you should immediately see the real you in your portrait. Only then is it a successful headshot. It all sounds very serious, but really it’s a fun experience. 

Headshot and portrait photography expectations.

Once the image you like best has been selected, it’s on to the polishing of the final product. That involves dealing with stray hairs, removing those pesky blemishes that decided you show up on the day of your business headshot session, and making any other tweaks that you request. The headshot image of course has to represent you, but a little retouching is always appreciated by our clients. Our headshot and portrait photography sessions will always be fun!

For more information on the importance of a solid headshot check out this page. There is also a LinkedIn headshot article that explains things beautifully. 


So what is a portrait? Well, a portrait can be just the head and shoulders, as well as a three quarters and even full length image.

Right, then what is a headshot?  It’s just that, a head, with some shoulders thrown in for good measure. Let’s settle on headshot portrait. Wait, maybe portrait headshot! You get the point, it goes by many names.

There is a little crossover, depending on how an image is cropped.  A full length image can’t be called a headshot, but a head and shoulders image can be called a headshot AND a portrait. So headshots and business portraits are really interchangeable in many ways. 

That’s the gist of it all, though I think that if you want your corporate business headshot to be a three quarter length portrait, as shown on this page, then why not break the rules a little? As long as it is an accurate representation of who you are.

A good portrait photographer will be able to advise you, and coach you through a session that will result in great images that you can make your final selection from.

Portrait session details.

Portrait sessions are a bit more in depth, and can take from one to two hours on average. Whereas a standard headshot session is for the most part, though not always, aimed at producing a single digital image, a portrait session often involves different outfits and looks, hair and make up if applicable, and a selection of final portraits.

Some clients want to hang a large wall portrait, others want smaller framed photographs, and sometimes a small album is the goal. There are of course many options available for you final portraits.

Prior to your session, it’s always best to have some discussion about outfits, colors, accessories, what your goal is, among other things.

In person, email or phone consultations to discuss the details of your portrait shoot are complimentary.  We are happy to advise in order to create a smooth experience for you on the day.