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A Beautiful Portrait Lasts A Lifetime.

Family Portrait Photography

So why should you have professional portraits taken? Here's a few things to consider.

  • What can be more valuable than a beautiful portrait of a loved one? It truly is irreplaceable.
  • Children sprout up right before our very eyes! One minute it's diapers, the next it's a wedding.
  • In the blink of an eye, parents become grandparents, and then great grandparents.
  • We are all getting older, second by second. Our lives should be recorded at very regular intervals.
  • Family photos used to always be something that we all gathered together to enjoy - let's do that!
  • Someday, to everyone else that follows, your beautiful portrait will become absolutely priceless.

Imagine this.

After some thought, you meet with a professional photographer to discuss a portrait session.

You immediately feel comfortable and at ease as you chat about what you would like to achieve, what features you are self conscious about, your strengths, and even the wardrobe choices you might bring along to a shoot.

Once fully satisfied, you confidently decide to book your photo shoot.

The photo session day arrives, and once again your nervousness quickly melts away as you begin to feel more and more confident with each beautiful image that is shown to you on the back of the camera. After all, we always feel much better wearing our favorite clothes, right? Things are really going well!

In the end, what you get to keep forever are gorgeous portraits, images that you will enjoy today, and your family will treasure forever.

Imagine owning a piece of wall art that featured our parents, or even our grandparents. Wouldn't that be absolutely priceless?

Recent Reviews

"Hugh is such a pleasure to work with and his images are beautiful!
He photographed our wedding 10 years ago and now he photographs our kids! My kids even love it when he takes their picture and they do not love it when I do!!!"

~ Kirsty Hansbro

"Hugh was very professional and accommodating. His photos are outstanding and the prices are fair. I would definitely use him again and refer him to family and friends.!!!"
~ Becky Bensett

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