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Portrait & Headshot Photographer

Specializing in Portraits and Headshots in the Metro Detroit and Oakland County area.



Portraits can cover many styles, from a typical formal wall portrait, to a Boudoir image, and many other styles in between.

In essence, a portrait captures the personality or a person or group of people. You are hopefully gazing into the psyche of the subject. So what story should your portrait tell?

Perhaps you would simply like to have an updated image of yourself. Or, maybe you have recently gotten divorced, reached a milestone birthday, or achieved a weight loss target.

Whatever the motivation having a professional portrait taken in never a bad idea. A good one will be treasure by you in this time, and for the generations who follow you.


Headshots and business portraits are becoming a must have in the modern corporate online presence.

Having high quality headshots and business portraits is not only desirable, it’s now very much a requirement. It’s the thing that people wishing to connect with us judge us upon, rightly or wrongly. When we deal with people online, or even when planning to meet them in person, we seek out some information. The profile image has proven to be one of the first things we go to.

How many times have you looked at a headshot of someone and thought “they seem nice” or perhaps even “that doesn’t look like someone I would like”. Maybe they look happy and approachable, or maybe they look a little stern. Yes, we really do judge the book by the cover, even if we shouldn’t.