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Headshots & Portraits

Portrait Studio Photography.

The portrait studio, even a portable one, offers many advantages over outdoor photography, the biggest benefit is absolute control of the light. It can be shaped and worked to produce beautiful portraits.

Portrait photographers definitely do their best work when they have total control over all of the elements of a photography session.

Control of lighting aside, another benefit of working in a studio environment with a portrait photographer is being able to bring and change into as many outfits as you like. Comfortably. You can come to me with as much clothing as you want, and of course, if I come to you, everything is on hand.

And let’s not forget the weather. Rain or shine, we can still photograph your session and produce beautiful portraits in a studio setting. Yes, a portrait studio really does have its benefits.

The Process

After your portrait session. and once the images you like best have been selected, they are edited and retouched to produce the final set. Retouching involves dealing with stray hairs, removing those pesky blemishes that decided to show up on the day of your photo session, slimming if requested, skin smoothing, and making any other tweaks that you request.

You will be expertly guided through the entire process, and of course, it will be fun!

The Final Products.

Some clients want to hang a large wall portrait, others want smaller framed photographs, and sometimes a table album is preferred. There are of course many options available for your final portraits.

Whatever you decide, you can be assured that your portrait session will be a memorable day, and you’ll have the photos to prove it!

In-person, email, or phone consultations to discuss the details of your portrait shoot are complimentary.

fall mini session
fall mini session
fall mini session
Studio setup for headshots during covid 19


I hate having my photograph taken.

Virtually everyone feels self conscious about having their photograph taken, unless you happen to be a professional model or actor.  Nobody has ever walked in front of my camera and said “I love having my photograph taken, let’s do this!”

The reality is that we all have features that we feel less than comfortable about, perhaps we think our nose is to large, or too sharp, or our arms are too big. Whatever it is, the job of great portrait photographers is making the strong features shine, while diminishing any features you don’t relish.

A profile (side on shot) of someone who feels that they have a large nose would not be a good plan for example. That would be a feature that should be minimized, not highlighted. Without getting too deeply into the technicalities of it all, a longer lens will compress perspective, and make larger features appear smaller. Professional lenses really do make a difference when properly used.

Then there is angles. The angle that a person is photographed from can make a considerable difference to the shot. Straight on, slightly from above, it all contributes to the desired affect.

Lastly, at the heart of any great professional portrait is solid portrait photography lighting. It truly does make a massive difference. Professional portrait photographers know how to sculpt with light.

So if you would like to have a beautiful portrait taken, but have personal reservations, please get in touch and let’s discuss what they are, and what we can do to make you happy.  Creating stunning portraits of you or a loved one is what professional portrait photographers do.

How long will the photo session take?

That’s a great question. The answer is actually very varied. Typically, I would expect a session to be around 45 minutes to an hour, unless a client asks for it to be shorter. The portrait studio is a comfortable environment, so there really isn’t any rush.

However, if there a desire to keep going, and everyone is happy to continue, then who knows how long it could be. At the end of the day, if we go past the 1 hour mark it’s likely we are having a blast! And that’s fine.

What about hair and make up?

There is absolutely no doubt – hair and make up can transform a good session into a great one.

It’s not just for the girls either, we males can benefit greatly from getting our hair tidied up. But a word of warning – never get a new haircut right before a shoot. It will look like a fresh cut, and it’s very likely that you will dislike the results. Allow at least a few days for your new haircut to settle down.

As fas as make up goes, it’s capable of all sorts of fantastic enhancements. Bringing focus to your eyes, smoothing out skin, enhancing lips and cheekbones, and so much more.

You can have your hair and make up done before you come to your session, or, we can arrange someone for you. It’s well worth the effort and the investment.

I don't like to be the center of attention.

I received an email today from a girl that was photographed two days ago with her boyfriend. She wrote:

“Thank you for the beautiful pictures, and most importantly, for making us feel so comfortable!” 

It’s absolutely critical that you feel comfortable, and are at ease. That’s a skill that all portrait photographers should have, the ability to relax people. So though you will be the center of attention, you will be having so much fun you wont even notice. A portrait session should always be fun.

What should I bring with me?

Everything! Well, not quite everything, but bring a lot! You are coming to a portrait studio, bring whatever you like.

Seriously, you won’t be judged for dragging in three suitcases stuffed with clothes and accessories, because not everything is going to make the cut.  The number one rule is this – bring what you feel good in. That outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars – bring that. The outfit that you always keep having to adjust, and you are not entirely comfortable wearing it – that can stay home.

There are a couple of side notes. Firstly, avoid patterns. There are some small patterns that will throw up a weird effect in an image (moiré). Secondly, there are others like plaid that will compete with you in the image. Plain colors are best, and not too vivid if possible. That shocking pink shirt will be all that a viewer sees, and the only time that is fine is if that’s the effect you are going for. So muted colors work well.

Also, make sure that clothes are well pressed. Hanging your items is better than folding. A heavily creased piece of clothing wont look good in your images. However, if you need to use an iron when you get here, you can.

Accessories can really make an image too, so again, bring all you want. Just like clothing, simple is often best. There are many options though, including hats, scarves, necklaces and all manner of things. If it’s a guitar that people always see you with – bring that too

Do I Get To Choose My Images?

Yes. The images from a session are edited down to what are described as “keepers”, images that make the grade.

If you blinked in an image, or were captured not at your best, that isn’t something you need to see.

This is where the experience of the photographer is important, in making the basic choices for you.

From the final set, you then make your choices.