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Wedding photography in the Metro Detroit area can produce some of the very best wedding photographs for my clients.   There are so many beautiful photography opportunities in Detroit, and in all of Michigan.

The best wedding photographer for you is one that puts you at complete ease, brings out your personality, and in the end, produces beautiful wedding images for your wedding album and wedding collection.


Family photographs are so, so important. Professional portraits aren't something we have taken all that often, but what is more treasured than a beautiful portrait?  

Studio portraits and outdoor photo shoots are both available. Home portrait photography shoots are also available. Being photographed in your own home means everything you will need, clothing outfits, toiletries etc, are all right there on hand. 

About The Photographer

Wedding & portrait photographer Hugh Anderson specializes in wedding photography with a fashion flair in the Metro Detroit area. Individual portraits and family portraits are focused on images created with a view to hanging wall art. A complimentary consultation is available to discuss your exact needs. 

About Wedding Photography

Wedding & Portrait Photographer. I am a full time professional photographer, focused entirely on weddings and portraits, and have been photographing both genres in Michigan since 2007, though my photography experience goes much further back.

Weddings involve a deep collaboration with my clients - there is so much to take into account, like engagement sessions, wedding day timelines, family photo requirements, and of course a strong connection with those that I work with.

This connection with you is such an important thing, and it's why I make a point of developing relationships, getting to know my clients, before your big day rolls around.

When you look at me and smile, it will be a more genuine smile if you are relaxed, at ease. 

Wedding pictures should only be a part of what you hope to get from your experience with a professional wedding photographer. Would you like to have someone who helps keep your day flowing properly, helps you avoid common issues that arise, designs and creates a beautiful wedding album that fully maximizes those awesome wedding pictures you have been dreaming about?

That's what a top wedding photographer does, it is so much more than pressing the shutter button.  


Here are some of the areas that I cover, though I will travel throughout most of Michigan if required. All of Oakland County and Metro Detroit, including Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills, Plymouth, and a many other areas not mentioned. If you are more than an hour away from my base in Bloomfield Hills, please ask about traveling fees. 

Studio Photography

Photography studios near me is a term searched much more in a Michigan winter, than it is during the hot summer months. 

Of course, outdoor family portrait sessions are great in the warm weather, and a fall portrait session can't be beat as a color extravaganza, but there is something that a defines a studio portrait. Control. 

A photo studio has complete control over how the portrait is taken. Control over the placement of lights, the use of multiple lights, the background, unlimited clothing variations, and of course there is no threat from the weather. 

Studio photography is definitely a very precise art, and unlike outdoor photography, you can see your results as the appear, on a large screen. Control, right? 

Do I take outdoor portraits?  Yes, lots of them! And sometimes the fun in that is the lack of absolute control, the spontaneity of it all. It's really a question of what you prefer. Don't get me wrong, outdoor portraits are still controlled to create the best available image, but usually the main light source is the sun, and that often required modification to get the desired results. 

Family Portrait Photography


Why are family photos more important now than ever before?

Family portraits have been overshadowed a lot by digital devices. After all, most of us can reach into our pockets, pull out a phone, and snap a high resolution family photo. 

Though these images may be cute at the time, it's extremely unlikely that the lighting and posing will all have fallen into place, and even less unlikely that any of these images will be printed onto a canvas and hung in a large format over the fireplace. 

So in the end, most of our images end up living on hard drives, or worse still, on phones, often to be lost at some point when something fails. What happens when we want to show someone that image we took last year with the kids on the beach? Lots and lots of scrolling, all the while muttering under our breath "where is it???" Since we have access to devices that allow us to easily take photos, we overlook the need to have them properly taken - and that's why family photos are more important now than ever before. 

Take Those Family Portraits

Life passes by at such a blistering pace, our kids are taller than we are before we know it, and the generation above us is suddenly gone one day. I know from personal experience how hugely important  good images are of those we love, old and young. Before any more time slips away, make an appointment for a family photo session. You will enjoy the experience, love the results, and get to look at beautiful images of your family every single day. When friends walk into your home and stand staring at a wall portrait before exclaiming "I love your family photograph", it will all be worth the effort.

Get in touch with your local wedding & portrait photographer today, using the contact form or phone buttons. 

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