Detroit & Ann Arbor Wedding & Portrait Photographer


The best wedding photographer in Michigan is what every bride in the area is probably seeking. And, there are so many beautiful photography opportunities in Detroit, and in all of Michigan to take advantage of.

The best wedding photographer for you however, should be the one that puts you at complete ease, brings out your personality, and in the end, produces beautiful wedding images for your wedding album and wedding collection. I would love to be that photographer. 


Portrait photography, individuals or family, is so, so important. Professional portraits aren't something we have taken all that often, but what is more treasured than a beautiful portrait?  

Studio portraits and outdoor photo shoots are both available. Home portrait photography shoots are also available. Being photographed in your own home means everything you will need, clothing outfits, toiletries etc, are all right there on hand. 

Detroit & Ann Arbor Wedding & portrait photographer Hugh Anderson has been a local photographer since 2007. A passionate photographer with one definite goal - to provide an exceptional experience for all clients, and produce beautiful wedding photographs. It's your special day, let's get it right.


Headshots take many forms today. From corporate use on websites and business materials, to Facebook & Linkedin avatars.

What is consistent across all of it is the need for a top quality, sharp professional image. Don't settle for less.


Senior photo shoots are fantastic! Everyone gets to have fun and stretch their creative thoughts. There's no limit to the outfit changes, or the locations.  As with all of our shoots, it's all about getting the right result. 

Book a session and expect to have fun!

How To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers near me are plentiful, so finding the best wedding photographer would be quite a task. How do you define the best? 

In truth, one photographer may be more technically proficient than another, but that doesn't mean you will like what they produce for you. It's all a matter of taste. Like everything artistic, the results are subjective.

Look for images that resonate with you, images that you would like to come from your wedding day photos. And if the photographer can show themselves to be responsible and professional, have a chat. This is your opportunity to see what your local wedding photographers are all about. Above all, never be afraid to ask the hard questions. It's your wedding photography you are discussing, a once in a lifetime event. 

You can check out the following article if you are still trying to find out how to find the best wedding photographer. The article is full of useful information.

Remember, professional wedding photography is more than just having a "nice camera". Buying the best stove wont make a person a great cook, any more than a good camera will make a person the best wedding photographer. Look closely at local wedding photographers, examine their work, choose wisely.

Wedding Photography Venues & Locations

I have photographed weddings  at The Royal Park Hotel, The Colony Club, The Rattlesnake Club, The Whitney, The Roostertail, The Book Cadillac, Bloomfield Hills Country Club, Wabeek Country Club, Pine Knob, The Henry, Adat Shalom, Petruzzellos, The Townsend, and many, many more beautiful wedding venues.

The areas covered are Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, Novi, Birmingham, Troy, Oakland Co. and much more.