Actor headshot in studio, with blue canvas backdrop. Hugh Anderson Photography.
Business headshot. Businessman in his suit. Hugh Anderson Photography

Portrait & Headshot Photographer

Studio Portraits & Corporate Headshots

Book your portrait our headshot session at our Bloomfield Hills, Michigan location.

All sessions are conducted in a sanitized environment, with a FULL HEPA Air Filtration unit running. 

You will only encounter one person, fully masked, and safe distancing guilelines will be observed at all times.

Let’s Talk Portraits & Headshots.

In the modern workplace, having a high quality Headshot is not only desirable, it’s a requirement. It’s the thing that people wishing to connect with us, judge us upon, rightly or wrongly.

How many times have you looked at a Headshot of someone and thought “they seem nice” or perhaps even “that doesn’t look like someone I would like”. Yes, we really do judge the book by the cover, even if we shouldn’t.

A Portrait, Headshot, Business Portrait, or whatever you want to call it, should covey one thing, and one thing only. You.

It’s all about bringing out your personality, the essence of you. People who know you should immediately see the real you in your portrait. Only then is it a successful image.