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Hugh Anderson has been a local wedding & portrait photographer since 2007. There's one definite goal - to provide an exceptional experience for all clients, and produce absolutely  beautiful wedding and portrait photographs. Get in touch today.

"Hugh was a second shooter for our wedding back in July 2017 and he truly went above and beyond and was so fun to work with. I remember him multiple times helping me with my dress and holding my husbands sunglasses because he was always forgetting to take them off his head lol.
He has a great eye and got many amazing shots that I will treasure forever. We really enjoyed his work and presence on our special day. Thanks Hugh!!"
Jessie DeGrandis
February 2018

How Do You Find The Best Photographer For You?

In looking for a good photographer, one photographer may be more technically proficient than another, but that doesn't mean you will like what they ultimately produce for you. It's all a matter of personal taste. Like everything artistic, the results are subjective. You can read the following article on how to find the best wedding photographer. The article is full of useful information and tips.

When viewing a photographers work, look for images that resonate with you, images that you would like to come from your wedding day photos, portrait session, or whatever work you want to commission. And if the photographer can show themselves to be responsible and professional, why not have a chat?

This is your opportunity to see what your local photographers are all about. Above all, never be afraid to ask the hard questions. It's your wedding or portrait photography that you are discussing, and often an extremely important investment.

It's much more than a nice camera.

Remember, professional photography is more than just having a "nice camera". Buying the best stove wont make a person a great cook, any more than a good camera will make a person the best photographer. Look closely at local photographers, examine their work, choose wisely.

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It's easy to be aware of the need to give back, to support others less fortunate than ourselves, to drop a little change into the charity box.  Most of us know it's the decent thing to do.

Recently,  there has been a focus on just how much, or how little, actually gets to the root of the problem. What percentage ends up providing relief. as opposed to being swallowed up in costs, and in some high profile national cases. in blatant extravagance.

Recents events convinced me that supporting a local non profit, somewhere that I could actually see a difference being made, was the way to go.  And so I found myself involved with FAR Therapeutic Arts & Recreation.

In their own words: "FAR Therapeutic Arts and Recreation promotes understanding and provides education for children and adults with special needs through therapeutic opportunities in the arts, recreation and leisure that enrich its clients, their families and the greater community."

That's a broad level of support, and from what I have seen, the results are outstanding.

At their once a year musical event, I witnessed children and adults alike, get up on stage and perform wonderfully, from playing piano to singing beautifully. People who would otherwise be destined to hide in the shadows, stepped forth and shone brightly. I believe it was the most inspiring thing that I have even seen.

From my seat near the front, I sprang onto my feet, applauding loudly, over and over again. I did start to wonder whether I was annoying those seated behind me. It was so much more than I expected it to be, it was a truly superb performance.

The phenomenal performances of people with challenges  both mentally and physically got me thinking. I am what would be described as "able bodied" and yet there wasn't a single act during the show that could have been performed by me. Not one. These were talented individuals. For me, this was the catalyst - I wanted to help, much more than ever before.

It's an ongoing process, and it's immensely satisfying.