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When someone clicks on your profile, whether it be on your business page, your LinkedIn profile, a web promotion or your Facebook page, what do you want them to see?

An absolutely solid headshot photo is hopefully the answer. Your profile picture is your presentation to the world. It shouldn't be blurry - it should be absolutely sharp. It shouldn't show deep shadows under your eyes - it should be well lit. It shouldn't feature that facial blemish that appeared that one day - it should be expertly retouched.

The headshot is really the first thing that we look at when we view a business profile.  We want to assess who we think the person is, what they are like. If it's a LinkedIn profile, or a FaceBook profile, it's all the same. It's a first impression. It tells us gender, age, ethnicity, and much more. And when there isn't a profile picture at all, we see that grey outline of a generic head and it doesn't impress.

Your business headshot, acting headshot, or social profile image projects who we are to the world. A viewer of course shouldn't judge the book by it's cover, but of course that's exactly what happens almost all of the time. Those "selfies" that always seem to be taken in the car don't present us in a very good light.

At Hugh Anderson Photography every headshot is taken with professional grade cameras and lenses,  as well as professional studio lighting setups and background. Then your image is polished to a high standard in Photoshop, giving you a clear, sharp image that can be used across all platforms.

Actor Headshot.

If there was ever a need for a good, solid headshot, it's in the case of the professional actor - or the budding actor. When applying for auditions, a great composite card is your currency.

If you would like to book a headshot session, or need more information, please fill out the contact form or call 248 890 6001.

Hugh Anderson Photography


Fine Art Portrait Photography is my speciality. The art of  traditional family photography seems to have gotten a little lost, with many businesses built around the outdoor session model. Much of this is based on the ability to capture photo sessions without a studio, or studio lighting and props. Yes, I can capture an outdoor portrait session if you prefer, but the path to traditional portraits, archival photographs, lies in a the portrait studio setting.

The lighting, the photography backdrop, the style of the photographer, all blends into the creation of a fine art portrait. Capturing a photograph of someone, an individual or a group, relies not only on technical ability and professional equipment, it also relies on being able to connect, to relate, to those mostly nervous people in front of the lens. I believe that I can do that for you, and your family.

Do you want to be photographed in a studio environment, or would you prefer to be photographed in your own home or office? I am happy to arrange your photo shoot wherever you are comfortable.  The benefits of a home studio portrait session is that everyone has all the clothes they might need at hand, and it's a much more relaxed environment. I will of course bring lighting and background equipment. Please ask for details.  

Here are some of the areas that I cover, though I will travel throughout most of Michigan if required. All of Oakland County and Metro Detroit, including Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills, Plymouth, and a few other areas not mentioned. If you are quite a distance away from my base in Bloomfield Hills, please ask about traveling fees. 

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