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Birmingham Photographer

Photography services in the Birmingham, Michigan area.

Birmingham lies about a 10-minute drive from Hugh Anderson Photography, a short trip for your photography needs. You can book a studio photo session, or your photo shoot can also be in your immediate area, indoors or out.

There are many areas in Birmingham that are ideal for portrait and family photography. Booth Park boasts some vibrant colors and a walk around Shain Park yields great portrait photography scenes. Barnum Park is also a favorite spot.

As a compact walking community, photography spots abound in this beautiful city. Fall photography sessions are particularly unique and special.

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Birmingham Photographer Hot Spots

There are many hidden gems in Birmingham.  Even a stroll down a few alleys will produce photo opportunities, with brightly colored doors and iron staircases to be found it seems everywhere.

And let’s not forget Quarton Lake. Lots of color, especially in the Fall season.

Book your session today, there is so much we can do in Birmingham.

Other Photography Services

Here is a list of typical photography services provided. Of course, it is not exhaustive, so please got in touch if what you need is not listed.


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