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Boudoir Portraits.

There are many reasons to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot. Newly Single. Low confidence. Met Weight Goals. A Milestone Birthday. Just To Feel Good!

What’s Your Reason?

Boudoir Photography – More Than Just “Sexy”

Be Inspired, Be Confident, Just Be You.

Boudoir Photography can be an incredibly empowering experience. Being photographed in a boudoir shoot in a way that empowers you, exhibits your strengths and confidence, and makes you feel every bit as special as you deserve to feel, can be life-changing. It’s a very personal experience that can alter the way you feel about yourself. Forever.

What would a Boudoir photo shoot mean for you? For some people, it’s to give a gift to a loved one, a beautiful Boudoir portrait. Others want an album full of killer Boudoir pictures,  sometimes reserved, sometimes bold and sexy, and occasionally even a little more risque. But no matter what, you control the boudoir vibe, whatever it is.

In my studio, the goal is a classical boudoir set of images. Overt sexuality, pouring chocolate sauce down your cleavage etc. is not a feature of my sessions. Some people want that style of boudoir portraits, and that’s totally cool, it’s just not what I do. I want to present you in a beautiful light, not simply a raw, sexual one.

If you searched Boudoir Photography Near Me, I’m glad you found my website, and I hope that we can work together to create beautiful boudoir portraits soon. For some samples, check out The Blog.


How Do Clients Feel After A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Boudoir photography clients always report feeling empowered and beautiful afterward. Weeks later they say that their self-esteem is much higher than it ever was.

One client, Kristen, who had lost 140 lbs before her session, mentioned feeling encouraged and comfortable throughout the photo shoot. Despite expecting to struggle in front of the camera, a little encouragement helped her to feel much more confident. Seeing the images on a computer screen as they are taken is another big confidence booster. 

Another client, Sam, shared how her initial insecurities melted away during the session.  She said she ended up feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world! 

And why not? Why shouldn’t you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world? To someone, you probably are. 

Boudoir Storybooks Albums


This is YOUR boudoir session, and you can purchase as little or as much as you like.

There are packages available from the button on this page, that include products. Or, you can go with the session only, and decide later what you want to buy after seeing the results.  The session only is $295. 

You can also elect to have professional hair and makeup, which is $150.

All products are of the best quality, sourced from my supplier in Italy. Beautiful, Italian quality. You deserve the best, and it will be available to you.

Some people spend $500 on products, and for some it will be $3,000.  Mostly it’s somewhere in between.  It’s totally up to you.


Boudoir Photography FAQ’S

Where Is The Studio?

Hugh Anderson Photography operates in a home studio. The studio incorporates four entire rooms. The largest room is where all of the photography takes place, there is a meeting room, a large changing room, and a restroom.  Your privacy is a top priority. 

How Long Does A Boudoir Photography Shoot Take?

Typically a boudoir photography shoot involves around 2 hours of actual photography. This is a general guideline, sometimes if a session is going really well, we will keep shooting.  If you have hair and makeup services in your package add around 1.5 hours.

What Should I Bring To Wear?

Bring as much as you like, more is better. Some people bring lingerie, maybe a man’s shirt, sportswear even. Nothing is really out of bounds. Classic boudoir portraits can be taken with a simple bedsheet. Or maybe you want to also be photographed in a dress?

Whatever you bring, try it all on at least a few days in advance. Lingerie pieces for example should make you feel special when you put them on. It’s that feeling that will give you more confidence in your shoot. Everything you bring should feel good to wear.

I’m Nervous! What Can I Do?

Trust the process, your boudoir photography shoot will be much smoother than you might imagine. We will start by chatting in a relaxed environment, discussing what items you have brought to wear, as well as talking about what you want to get from your session.

When we get to the photography, you will feel more relaxed than when you arrived. And you will be given clear instructions regarding posing, so don’t worry about how things will flow, you will be guided through the session step by step.

Are My Images Retouched?

Yes, all purchased images are polished to some degree. Individually purchased images are fully retouched and enhanced. How much they are retouched is up to you. Most people would like a little body shaping, wrinkle removal, and skin smoothing, some more than others.

There are lots of other adjustments made to images –  color balance, brightness and contrast, etc. But if you have any specific requirements, just ask.

Are My Images Kept Private?

This is entirely up to you. Boudoir images are never posted on the website or social media without your approval.

Some clients want everything to be kept private, some select images that they are happy to share, and some even say “I love them! Share whatever you want!” As with everything, you are in control. 

Other Photography Services

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