A midweek session with Miss R produced some beautiful photographs, posted with permission.

What type of Boudoir photo shoot appeals to you? There are many things that a person can ask me to focus on in their Boudoir session, and there are some things that clients ask to be reduced, or even completely avoided.

Before every session, I send out a questionnaire, and it covers some things that help me to know what your goal is.  It helps guide me.

For example, one person may say that they would like their legs, or their breasts to be a focal point and that they want their tummy to be avoided. A previous wedding client who is coming in for a photo shoot in a few days specifically asked that I feature her tummy. It is different for everyone, and that’s why I make a point of investigating your needs.

The showing of images is another thing that is covered. Some people want them to remain private, others want to allow some to be used online or in promotions, and yet others say “Have at it, share what you want!” This is a decision that can fluctuate because once the images have been viewed and there is newfound confidence, sharing becomes more attractive.

The session featured here was a great experience for me, and hopefully my client. Working with really nice people is always a bonus, and this young lady was wonderful. I’ll let her images speak for themselves. Here are just a few.