I have another Boudoir session to share with you all today.

It’s always really nice to find that the person I am photographing has a great personality, and is able to fit right into what we are trying to achieve together.

In any Boudoir session, you are opening yourself up in so many ways to someone who is most probably a complete stranger, and in my case, a member of the opposite sex.  Yet people do it, and they do it comfortably.

It seems to be that very action that creates a newfound sense of empowerment, and personal confidence. It’s as though people think “If I can do this, I can do anything!”

Here are a few shots from a recent Boudoir photo shoot.


Boudoir Confidence.

A few days ago, as I photographed another session, my client went to change outfits. A phone call came in from someone who had some prints to pick up, and during the short call, this person enthusiastically explained how confident they have felt since their session, two weeks earlier.

Two weeks after a Boudoir session, this person was still feeling amped up! That’s fantastic! It continues to surprise and inspire me when I hear stories about just how much it means to people to be photographed in a Boudoir session.

I can’t think of any other photography session that has as much impact on a person as a Boudoir session.  I’m discounting weddings because that’s a multiple-person, once-in-a-lifetime situation.  Portrait sessions, family sessions, senior sessions, nothing has the emotional impact that comes from a Boudoir session.

And so I’ll keep working in the area, it’s also empowering for me, as well as those that sit at the other end of the lens.