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Photographers & Wall Art

Photographers capture portraits for one purpose – to be seen. That’s why we take them, that’s why you pay for them to be taken. Storing photographs on a thumb drive is literally hiding precious imagery in a drawer. Instead, why not display your beautiful photographs where they can be enjoyed every single day? It’s what photographers live for, to be able to display your stunning images.


Metal Pro Prints.

Metal Pro prints are stunning, eye-catching, and show-stopping. They really are beautiful, sleek pieces of wall art. This isn’t just a thin metal print –  this is high-quality metal, with a large number of finish options, and incorporating a deep standout of 1.2 or 2.3 inches. This raises the metal from the wall, making it even more impactful. 

And hanging it is super easy. The consistent specific spaces between the hangers on every print make even hanging several in a a straight line, a breeze.


Italian Craftsmanship

The words “Made In Italy” are symbolic of high quality. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Gucci, Prada, and Armani to name but a few of many.

So the choice of where to buy albums, wall art, canvases, and prints was very easy. Graphi Studio.  Italian craftsmanship at it’s very best.


Amalfi Panel

Gallery wall art. A framed photograph. A handmade print. The Amalfi panel is all of these. A unique, durable, one-of-a-kind work of art. The vintage deckled edge mat is created with handmade cotton paper, using medieval techniques.

This is mounted on an outer frame with an integrated hanger, ready for your wall.

There is a range of finishes available including wooden or aluminum cores, cotton and linen surfaces, and a wide range of color options.

And let’s not forget the HD Fine Art archival print, engineered to retain its color and vibrancy, and a selection of different finishes including matte and glossy. Please ask for additional details.

It’s true that everyone has photo frames in their homes, but who has Amalfi Panels hanging on their walls? This truly is a unique product.



Pick up a Graphi Studio album and you are immediately struck by just how good it feels. There are covers in leather, acrylic, metal, and a host of different colors and styles. Italian craftsmanship at its best.


Black & White Mats

Have your prints factory mounted in mats, black or white. You can stand them on shelves, or use a mount as shown. If you prefer, pop them straight into the frame of your choice. 

Then there are Mega Mats. The image below shows just how large these can be, and of course, you can arrange them in a collection, as shown.

wall-portrait-art set
wall-portrait-art set


A wall art collection is an absolute attention grabber.

It’s not possible to walk into a room with a connection like those shown, and not have them take your attention.

This is how beautiful photographs were meant to be enjoyed.


Folio Boxes

The folio box can hold between 5 & 30 prints, in mats, with two thickness options.

This is a beautiful coffee table centerpiece, designed to be opened and browsed whenever the fancy takes you, or a guest.  Ask for prices.


Go Book Album

This is the Go Book album, designed specifically for things like Senior sessions. In this album, of between 20 & 80 pages, you can choose from a wide selection of colors and materials.

This is an album that every family should have, every year. Ask for details.


Photo Boxes

This is the Go Book album, designed specifically for things like Senior sessions. In this album, of between 20 & 80 pages, you can choose from a wide selection of colors and materials.

This is an album that every family should have, every year. Ask for details.


Review – May 2023


I cannot fully articulate how amazing it is to work with Hugh. He is a consummate professional yet has an outstanding and playful personality that brings out the best in everyone.

As for Hugh’s work, he is extremely talented and delivers exquisite photographs. It’s evident he cares deeply about every single detail from the relationship with his clients to the images he delivers. This is not the first time I have worked with Hugh Anderson Photography and I’ll certainly be using him for all upcoming events and projects.

Most recently we worked with Hugh for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah he did a beautiful photo shoot outdoors which were enlarged as part of the decor for her party and the event designer was beyond thrilled with his work which enhanced the look of the event. He photographed our entire weekend at three different venues and made a wonderful impression at each one as well as with all of our family and friends not to mention the gallery of photographs we received are out of this world so our only challenge would be trying to narrow down our options.

Whether you are looking for a family photograph, celebration, professional, or modeling headshots, etc. Hugh Anderson Photography is the only choice hands down.


Other Photography Services

Photographers mostly have several areas that they like to work in. Here is a list of typical photography services provided. Of course, it is not exhaustive, so please get in touch if what you need is not listed.


Seniors. Visit the High School Seniors pictures page.

Family Photos.  Our family photo examples are here.

Portraits.  Portraits are here. 

Headshots.  Business, social, and actor headshots are here.

ERAS Photos. Get your photos for your medical residency application here.