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Wedding photography, and finding a wedding photographer, can be a little bit challenging. There's so much to consider!

Your wedding photos are, aside from your spouse, what you take home at the end of you wedding day. It's a day that may have been one or two years in the planning, and possibly involved a lifetime of anticipation.

What will you tell your children about your wedding? What will you have to show them to relive the moments

The wedding cake, that beautiful dinner, the flowers, will all be gone. But your wedding photos will be what remains, hopefully passing through generations of family for years to come. Few things will be more important in future memories that the entire record of your wedding day.  Especially as time passes, and people leave us, as they surely will. The art of photography captures those important things in our lives. A wedding photographer captures possibly the most important day in your life, the fun, the tears, the happiness, the romance. Few things are more romantic than a wedding, few things will impact your life so profoundly. 

Picture your beautiful wedding images.

What does every bride see in her mind when she imagines her wedding photographs? It's your wedding photographer who will be entrusted to create those images, record the day, and also get great shots of all of the details you spent a year planning and investing in. Of all the things you will plan for your big day, I believe that the choosing who will capture your wedding pictures is the biggest decision you will make. Your photography will last a lifetime, even a few lifetimes. This is why your choice of wedding photographer is so very  critical. Good professional wedding and portrait photography is an art form. When you look closer at what it truly involves, it's a highly specialized subject. If you search the term "Wedding Photographer Michigan" there will be many sites to see. Be sure to look closely, and the differences will start to appear. Choose very carefully.

Your photographer and you.

You and your wedding photographer should have a connection - be at one with your visions, what you like and what you don't like. Take as much time as you need to find the wedding photographer that gels with you, because they will be with you for longer than anyone else on your wedding day.  It's worth saying it again - your wedding photos are all that you are left with going forward. The cake will be eaten, the tables dismantled, the food and drinks consumed - it's the work of your wedding photographer, and what they produce for you, that you take home. Make sure it's awesome work!

Back to those romantic images - these are the photographs that I absolutely love to create on a wedding day - the photographs that exude love and feelings, the ones that you will want to hang on your wall. A wedding day is as exciting a day as you will ever have - let's make sure that you have the photographs to remember it with, memories that can be passed down through generations. Brides always say that their day is a blur, so it's really important to have beautiful photographs to not only tell your story, but also to remember it with.

Technical Skills

It's all about the lighting. Of course posing a bride and groom counts, and making a posed shot look natural, not posed, is a skill in itself. But no matter how good the scene is, if the light falling on the faces of the bride and groom is awful, it's an awful image. The range of lighting on most wedding days is extreme, from bright mid-day sun, to dark churches, even darker reception rooms, and a multitude of other challenges. A true professional wedding shooter takes it all in their stride, and can use multiple lights all coming from different directions. It really does demand a high level of skill. Beware the amateur masquerading as a professional.


Engagement Sessions

At Hugh Anderson Photography, before we photograph your wedding, we photograph your engagement session. We can't emphasize how important this step is. From this session we will learn how you photograph, what's best for you.

It also helps you to become accustomed to our cameras. Being photographed by a professional and having large lenses pointed at you can be daunting for many people, and so an engagement session is the perfect dry run. In addition, we are able to develop a relationship with you, get to know each other a little better. On your wedding day,  being photographed will be a  much more relaxed experience having seen the results of your engagement session. You will have confidence in how we'll portray you. You can be sure that a more relaxed attitude will mean better wedding pictures.

Hopefully we have offered you some pointers within this page, but of course if you need more advice, please call. To discuss your wedding photography, you can connect with us either on Facebook, or by using the Contact button on every page. I encourage you to browse the site, look at the work of a dedicated, full time wedding photographer, and if you like what you see come and have a consultation. It's free, there is no pressure, and you will learn a lot about how your wedding day is likely to flow. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Hugh Anderson.

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Hugh Anderson Photography


Portrait & Wedding Photography. I am a full time professional photographer, focused entirely on weddings and portraits, and have been photographing both genres in Michigan since 2007.

Weddings involve a deep collaboration with my clients - there is so much to take into account, like engagement sessions, wedding day timelines, family photo requirements, and of course a strong connection with those that I work with. This connection is such an important thing, and it's why I make a point of developing a relationship with my clients, before your big day rolls around. 

With portraits, do you want to be photographed in a studio environment, or would you prefer to be photographed in your own home or office? I am happy to arrange your photo shoot wherever you are comfortable.  The benefits of a home studio portrait session is that everyone has all the clothes they might need at hand, and it's a much more relaxed environment. I will of course bring lighting and background equipment. Please ask for details.  

Here are some of the areas that I cover, though I will travel throughout most of Michigan if required. All of Oakland County and Metro Detroit, including Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Farmington Hills, Plymouth, and a few other areas not mentioned. If you are quite a distance away from my base in Bloomfield Hills, please ask about traveling fees. 

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