Wedding Photography.

Wedding photography - what a wonderful once in a lifetime experience. It certainly is, and here's why.

This is the day most brides to be have waited for, planned for, and dreamed about. Their Big Day. Of course it's a big day for the groom too, just not in the same way.  Little girls play dress up and create fantasies about getting married to their dream guy. It's just different for girls. 

So why is wedding photography a once in a lifetime experience?  Because it captures this momentous event, for today, and for generations to come. 


Wedding Albums.

Traditionally, wedding albums were a dozen 8x10's slipped into sleeved pages, confined to a box, and hidden away in either a basement or an attic. Think about that - one of the most significant events of your lifetime, concealed detroit-wedding-photographer-wedding-albumsin a dark place. 

Modern wedding albums are much more visual. Perhaps 100, even 200 images laid out on well designed pages, capable of withstanding daily handling, and proudly exhibited on a coffee table.  

On display, for everyone to enjoy and remember the day. 


Building Family Connections.

I heard a story recently, I can't recall where or the exact details, but this is the gist of it. It was of a little boy heading off to school every day. Before leaving, he would open the pages of his parents wedding album which was laid out on a table, and give an image of his parents a kiss. 

What a wonderful thing that must be to witness. Far better than the album being tucked away in a basement. 


What Quality Of Wedding Photography Should I Get?

Wedding photography can be a complicated business, it's hard to know who is really good at it, a full time photographer, and who is doing it just on the weekends for extra income.

Remember this though,


if you end up with a mediocre set of images in your hand at the end of it all, it will truly break your heart.


I know, from first hand experience. Our guy made a mess of it, and my wife still hurts over it, a dozen years later! I can hardly imagine a more critical issue than making sure that you choose the right person for your wedding photography.

For me, it's full time. Local weddings are my speciality, though sometimes I travel further afield, even as far away as Jamaica on one occasion.

But staying more at home, I have wedding photography collections that I photographed in Detroit, Birmingham, Troy, Rochester Hills, Novi, Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Dearborn and many more places.

The venues are just as varied, please ask for details if you would like to see some galleries.


The Best Wedding Photographer For Me?

A common question is "how do I find the best wedding photographer for me?", and the answer to that question is actually pretty straightforward. Finding an accomplished wedding photographer, a photographer that fits with you, can be condensed into these three steps. Note that I didn't say "affordable wedding photographer". The word "affordable" catapults you straight into the danger zone!

1. Visit  some websites. 

Find ones that you like. Look closely at the wedding photography styles, you are looking for something that you really love, something that resonates with you. The photography from a great wedding photographer should immediately catch your attention.

Are you looking for posed images, or perhaps a photojournalistic style of shooting? A true photojournalist would never interact with you, and simply photograph the day as it unfolds. But of course you aren't going to fall into 200 great poses accidentally, so my approach to wedding photography is a combination of both styles.

Capture the candid moments of course, and in addition, give some direction so that you and up with  beautiful wedding photography. Those beautiful wedding poses you see, they are pretty much always achieved with a little help and direction.


2. Meet your wedding photographer!

It's so important  to meet your photographer. Many people don't, only meeting for the first time on the wedding day.

Imagine for a moment that you are looking at a camera lens in the process of being photographed by a person you met moments before, and that person doesn't inspire you, perhaps you are indifferent to them, maybe they even irritate you when they do what they do ... how do you imagine that image will turn out?

Now, imagine that the person behind the lens has already spent some time with you, helping to plan your wedding day timeline, they make you laugh, feel good about yourself, inspire confidence ... imagine how will that image will turn out.

The important thing to take away from this is that the relationship you have with your wedding photographer will have a direct correlation to the images that they produce for you, the expressions that they are able to draw from you. It's a critical factor in the success of your shoot.

Make sure you like your photographer, a lot. I know many photographers in Detroit for example - some are very talented and great to work with, some not as much, Be thorough in your research.

But let's not make it all business. A wedding should be a fun day. After all, you have meticulously planned it, so you certainly should enjoy it.  A bride and groom this past weekend reminded me of my previous Goofball Hugh series. "We want to do one" they exclaimed, "and we have an idea!" And here's the shot.



3. Look at wedding albums.

when you meet with your potential photographer it will give you the opportunity to look through their wedding albums. They should have a selection of different wedding albums, showing entire wedding days. This is also an important point. A compilation book with a selection of weddings images doesn't give you a sense of consistency. For that you need to see an entire wedding - well, a few actually.

Seeing AN ENTIRE WEDDING COLLECTION will show you exactly what to expect from a photographer shooting for maybe 8 or 10 hours. You are looking for consistency. Consistently good!

That can be images in albums, or online galleries that have been uploaded for brides and grooms to view. The absence of a good collection of entire weddings should ring alarm bells. Make sure that you insist on seeing at least three full weddings. Then you will know how consistent your potential photographer is.

I am happy to let you view as much of my wedding photography as you wish. You only have to ask. 

As I mentioned earlier, I know a number of photographers in Detroit, and most will be willing to let you see their work close up, as you should. 

Enjoy the experience!

Wedding Photographers Near Me

Wedding photographers near me is a very common search term in Google.

And while finding someone to capture your wedding photography within a few miles might seem convenient, it really doesn't matter of your chosen professional photographer is one mile, or one hundred miles away. Broadening your search area can't hurt. The important thing is finding the right wedding photographer for you.

Emotional Wedding Photography

A good selection of wedding photographs should capture a wide range of emotions.

There are the smiles, the laughter, and of course the tears. Looking back in years to come, the smiles will make you smile, and the tears - they will pull at your heart strings and take you right back there, to those very moments.

That's the job of a professional wedding photographer - to capture all of those emotions, beautifully.


High Quality Wedding Images

In the business of wedding photographer, the range of quality returned to clients is vast.

I don't subscribe to the quick return model, where images are delivered to you a few days after your wedding. Such a system would allow for no detailed work to be done on your wedding photography, photographs that will be invaluable to you, especially into the future.

At Hugh Anderson Photography, your wedding photographs go through a very detailed editing process, removing those redundant files, and then tweaking every single image that will be delivered to you. For an 8 hour wedding, your files will be edited and polished for somewhere between 25 - 35 hours.

The end result?  A collection highly desirable photographs.

Wedding Photography Info

Your wedding photos are, aside from your spouse, what you take home at the end of you wedding day. It's a day that may have been one or two years in the planning, and possibly involved a lifetime of anticipation.

What will you tell your children about your wedding? What will you have to show them to relive the moments?

When it comes to weddings, I believe that photography should be prioritized to some degree, and it's not because I'm a professional photographer.  It's because I see the impact a beautiful set of wedding photographs and a wedding album has on my clients.

In conversations with my brides after their wedding, the responses are consistent. "It is all a blur" they say, or words to that effect, and there isn't much discussion about the table centerpieces, or the chair coverings. Don't get me wrong, while I get that these details are of course important, the best way that my couples have to remember it is ... wedding photography!

In fact, it is wonderful to sit with my clients going through their wedding album images, and watch them relive the entire day through the photography.

The wedding cake, that beautiful dinner, the flowers, will all be gone. But your wedding photos will be what remains, hopefully passing through generations of family for years to come. Few things will be more important in future memories that the entire record of your wedding day.  Especially as time passes, and people leave us, as they surely will. The art of photography captures those important things in our lives. A wedding photographer captures possibly the most important day in your life, the fun, the tears, the happiness, the romance. Few things are more romantic than a wedding, few things will impact your life so profoundly. 

Picture Your Beautiful Wedding Photography

What does every bride see in her mind when she imagines her wedding photographs? It's your wedding photographer who will be entrusted to create those images, record the day, and also get great shots of all of the details you spent a year planning and investing in. Of all the things you will plan for your big day, I believe that the choosing who will capture your wedding pictures is the biggest decision you will make. Your photography will last a lifetime, even a few lifetimes. This is why your choice of wedding photographer is so very  critical. Good professional wedding and portrait photography is an art form. When you look closer at what it truly involves, it's a highly specialized subject. If you search the term "Wedding Photographer Michigan" there will be many sites to see. Be sure to look closely, and the differences will start to appear. Choose very carefully.

Your Photographer And You.

Though I said it earlier on this page, it's an important point - you and your wedding photographer should have a connection - be at one with your visions, what you like and what you don't like. Take as much time as you need to find the wedding photographer that gels with you, because they will be with you for longer than anyone else on your wedding day.  It's worth saying it again - your wedding photos are all that you are left with going forward. The cake will be eaten, the tables dismantled, the food and drinks consumed - it's the work of your wedding photographer, and what they produce for you, that you take home. Make sure it's awesome work!

Back to those romantic wedding photographs - these are the photographs that I absolutely love to create on a wedding day - the photographs that exude love and feelings, the ones that you will want to hang on your wall. A wedding day is as exciting a day as you will ever have - let's make sure that you have the photographs to remember it with, memories that can be passed down through generations. Brides always say that their day is a blur, so it's really important to have beautiful photographs to not only tell your story, but also to remember it with.

Technical Skills

It's all about the lighting. Of course posing a bride and groom counts, and making a posed shot look natural, not posed, is a skill in itself. But no matter how good the scene is, if the light falling on the faces of the bride and groom is awful, it's an awful image. The range of lighting on most wedding days is extreme, from bright mid-day sun, to dark churches, even darker reception rooms, and a multitude of other challenges. A true professional wedding shooter takes it all in their stride, and can use multiple lights all coming from different directions. It really does demand a high level of skill. Beware the amateur masquerading as a professional.