Wedding Slideshows

A Collection Of Wedding Day Images

Knowing just how your photographs will work out after a hectic, full wedding day is something that you have to trust to your wedding photographer. It obviously requires a lot of faith.

To help you to see more than just hand picked images across a range of weddings, these slideshows offer a more in depth peek into what a bride and groom typically get from Hugh Anderson Photography.


Please enjoy this video slideshow of the wedding of Bridget & Alex. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Hills. A truly wonderful day.

Kristine & Chris chose a very cold December day to get married. Despite that, we all had a blast and their wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Wedding Slideshows Give You More

Wedding slideshows are a great way to display the favorite images from a wedding. Setting them to music, makes them all the more powerful. I watch these and they still bring tears to my eyes.  So emotional!

A bride and groom of course have access to all of their images, both online for a time within this website. As well as their own set of high resolution files. 

But picking through those files to share with friends and family can be a bit of a task. 

The slideshow gives a view of a select number of images, the best shots as it were. So easy to share with everyone, all at once. 

If you want more details about our wedding slideshows, please ask.

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