Wedding Photographs

A Selection Of Professional Wedding Photographs

Wedding days are beautiful events, it's a day to revel in, a day when all those people important to you come to see you marry a very special person. In truth, it can also be hectic, and a little stressful.

When it's all over, you will likely feel that the day flashed before your eyes. In the end, your wedding photography is a critical component. It's how you will relive your big day, as memories fade.

So what would you like to go home with? I hope the answer to that question is "stunning wedding photographs". And I hope to be able to help you with that.

Wedding images from Metro Detroit weddings are shown above. Prior to your wedding day however, an Engagement Session is highly recommended. It will make your wedding day go better. Check out the Engagement Pictures page.

Wedding Photography You Will Love!

Wedding photography, when everything else is over, and the guests have all gone home, will become the all important record of your most special day.

All brides that I speak to seem to feel that their day was a blur - "it all happened so fast" they tell me. That's because after months and months of planning, the actual wedding event was condensed into only a handful of hours. And it was all go!

When you have a change to sit down and look through your beautiful wedding picture, or better still,  your beautiful wedding album, it will all come flooding back. 

Imagine ten years from now, perhaps sitting with your children, looking through that wedding album - absolutely priceless. 


Wedding Images From High Quality Professional Equipment

High quality photography gear produces high quality wedding images. It's that simple.

When I say high quality wedding images, I am referring to the technical side, not the creative. I'm talking about sharpness, background blur (bokeh) etc. There are things that simply cannot be achieved with lower quality equipment. Sadly, there are many jumping into the wedding market with very low quality cameras & lenses.

You are trusting your wedding photographer to capture one of the most important days in your life. It's important to know that he or she has the tools to do the job properly. One way or the other, it will show.

I watched someone recently describe the difference in this way.

Hot dog stand versus fine dining.

Anyone can grab some hot dogs and buns, make or buy a stand, and start selling hot dogs. Compare that to opening a fine dining restaurant.

First, there is years of training to become a competent fine dining chef. Then your place of business would need high class tables, cutlery, crockery, etc. And of course there are many, many other requirements. 

The bottom line - in both cases it's the business of selling food. But it's really worlds apart. 

So in choosing a wedding photographer, do ask to see their equipment. You will want to know what someone is going to show up with on your wedding day.