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Italian Wedding Albums Exhibit Class

Wedding albums are, without a doubt, the absolutely best component of any wedding package. 

Nobody cries when I walk into the room to start photographing a wedding. Nobody cries if I hand them a thumb drive full of digital wedding images. 

But when a bride is handed a beautiful Italian custom wedding album, oh my goodness, it's wise to have some tissues on hand. At this point, after all that has passed from our first meeting, right through to the end of the process, this is when I see emotionally charged, ecstatically happy brides, when they hold their wedding album in their hands.

Digital files live on electronic drives, and we rarely go back through all of the images that we have stored. But a beautiful wedding album, sitting in a prominent place in your home - now that will be viewed, often. You can relive your day, over and over.

Perhaps more importantly, your children, and grandchildren, can live your day. Most of us today don't have their parents wedding albums, but don't we wish we did?

A high quality wedding album will become a family heirloom. Make yours a great one. 

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