It's Your Wedding Photographs - Let's Make Them Awesome!

Let's start with your wedding day. Can you tell me about it?

This is the day most brides to be have waited for, planned for, and dreamed about. Their Big Day. Of course it's a big day for the groom too, just not in the same way.  Little girls play dress up and create fantasies about getting married to their dream partner. It's just different for girls. 

Wedding photography, the capturing of this momentous event, is therefor critically important. Not just capturing it in an average fashion, but producing beautiful wedding photographs that you will be extremely proud of, wedding photographs that you will be excited to show off. Gorgeous photographs of your special day, for you today, and for generations to come. 

So, back to my statement - I would love to hear from you.  I would love to know what your dreams are, what direction you want everything to take, and what I can do to help you realize your goals. Wedding planning is a big task - and I would really like to help.

Beautiful wedding photography by Hugh Anderson. Bride & groom photography
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Professional Wedding Photography Services

Full Time Professional Photographer

Free Timeline Planning Assistance

Free Wedding Consultation

Uses Only Professional Equipment

Personal Online Wedding Gallery

Two Photographers Per Wedding

Edits & Enhances Every Image

Engagement Session Included

Italian Hand Made Albums

Wedding and portrait photographers - Hugh Anderson Photography.

Full Service Wedding Photography.

My Full service wedding packages are available throughout Michigan, and to selected destinations.

So what does the "full service" part mean? In a nutshell it means that I cover all aspects of what you might require, including, an engagement session if required, optional engagement and wedding albums, timeline creation, a wealth of available advice about your wedding day, among other things.

But one of the most important aspects is the amount of time and care spent on your image editing. This is where services can differ greatly. Some weddings are photographed on Saturday, and the images are delivered on a thumb drive on Monday. This is not a service that I offer.

Working Those Images!

Before your images are delivered, every single file that you receive will be worked on. Color balance, contrast, brightness, cropping, vignettes, are just some of the adjustments each and ever file will receive.  Some images, and that always includes images that go into an album, will get a deeper level of attention.

This includes removal of shadows under eyes, some skin softening, and other enhancements. In short, a set of beautifully prepared images will be handed to you once they are ready. That wont be a couple of days after your wedding day of course. That level of work takes a while longer!

What Type Of Wedding Package Would You Like?

In our digital age, many people simply ask for the digital files. A set of digital files documenting their entire wedding day.

At the risk of losing you right now, I have to tell you that I no longer offer "files only" packages. I cannot do it in good conscience, without also providing an album. The risk is too great.

Here's some reasons why.  Virtually every bride will take that thumb drive of their wedding files, and put it on their computer, or in a drawer, until they are able to get around to organizing an album. We all know how that story goes.

Don't Rely Only On Digital.

Worse still, some people don't ever want an album, they just want to view digital files on some device. Convenient as that might be today, that thumb drive might not even be able to be read 10 years from now. Imagine if you had your wedding images on floppy disks or a Zip Drive. How could you even access them today? Even DVD drives are getting phased out.

The point is, I really want people to have their digital files, but I also believe that there should be a physical product - an album. Having only digital wedding images is not a great idea, and if you are wondering, yes, I have had clients come back to me after losing ALL of their wedding files. Now that's stressful!

Wedding Albums.

This is, in my opinion, the big one.

In the past, when people have had digital files only packages, handing them a thumb drive, or even sending them a download link, is so anti climactic. Though they love their images, it just seems incomplete to me.

When I contrast that with all the times a bride has sat in front of me, unwrapped a beautiful Italian wedding album and started crying, wow! It's so much more special. There is so much more emotion attached to an album. To me, the album is the wedding presentation, the digital files are the back up. Let's talk about album types.

Modern Italian Albums.

Traditionally, wedding albums were a dozen 8x10's slipped into sleeved pages, confined to a box, and hidden away in either a basement or an attic. Think about that - one of the most significant events of your lifetime, concealed Italian wedding albums supplied by Hugh Anderson Photography, Bloomfield Hills, MI.in a dark place. Stashed away out of sight. Why?

Those old albums had very little variety, often a white book, relatively plain in design. But not any more!

Click the link to view our Italian wedding albums and you will find they are much more visual. Perhaps 100, even 200 images laid out on well designed pages, capable of withstanding daily handling, and proudly exhibited on a coffee table.  

These are printed books, not prints slipped into a book. A spread can have several images, or one huge image spanning both pages.  The options are infinite. Check them out.

Quality Counts, And Lasts!

I have albums that are years old, that have been to bridal fairs and handled by literally hundreds of people a day, and they still look fantastic. Yes, quality really does count. And for an album you will want to pass down generations, it makes a real difference.

On display, for everyone to enjoy and remember the day. 

A Cute Wedding Album Story.

I heard a story recently, I can't recall where exactly, but this is the gist of it. It was a story of what a little boy did every day before heading off to school.

Before leaving, he would open the pages of his parents wedding album which was laid out on a table, and give an image of his parents a kiss. A different image every day.

What a wonderful thing! Far better than the album being tucked away in a basement. This truly was an album being put to full use, daily.

And what a gift for that child when he is older, such great memories, that he will likely hand down to his children. I suppose he may even carry on the tradition. Albums should be enjoyed, not stored.

Getting To Know You.

I believe it's all about developing a relationship with clients. If you book me via email and we don't meet before your big day, I'll show up to your wedding as a complete stranger, and have absolutely no connection with you. However, if we meet, perhaps have an engagement session, your wedding photographs will be all the better for it, because you will be more comfortable and relaxed.

Having an engagement session means we work together on a shoot, produce photographs that you love, and have some fun while we are at it. And when the wedding day rolls around, you are much more comfortable in front of my camera. This is hugely important.

There's lots to discuss about your wedding, so if you would like to have a chat over a coffee, feel free to set up a consultation. You won't regret it.

High Quality Wedding Pictures

In the business of wedding photographer, the range of quality returned to clients is vast.

I don't subscribe to the quick return model, where images are delivered to you a few days after your wedding. Such a system would allow for no detailed work to be done on your wedding photography, photographs that will be invaluable to you, especially into the future.

At Hugh Anderson Photography, your wedding photographs go through a very detailed editing process, removing those redundant files, and then tweaking every single image that will be delivered to you. For an 8 hour wedding, your files will be edited and polished for somewhere between 25 - 35 hours.

The end result?  A collection highly desirable photographs.

But seeing an image or two on a website doesn't really give a good indication of what you might get from our wedding photography. So, I have put together some wedding photography slideshows for you to view.

This offers a much more complete view of what to expect.

Wedding photographer Hugh Anderson at the Royal Park Hotel, Rochester, Michigan. 02

Consider This.

Your wedding photos are, aside from your spouse, what you take home at the end of you wedding day. It's a day that may have been one or two years in the planning, and possibly involved a lifetime of anticipation.

What will you tell your children about your wedding? What will you have to show them to relive the moments?

When it comes to weddings, I believe that photography should be prioritized to some degree, and it's not because I'm a professional photographer.  It's because I see the impact a beautiful set of wedding photographs and a wedding album has on my clients.

It Was All A Blur!

In conversations with my brides after their wedding, the responses are consistent. "It is all a blur" they say, or words to that effect, and there isn't much discussion about the table centerpieces, or the chair coverings. Don't get me wrong, while I get that these details are of course important, the best way that my couples have to remember it is ... wedding photography!

In fact, it is wonderful to sit with my clients going through their wedding album images, and watch them relive the entire day through the photography.

The wedding cake, that beautiful dinner, the flowers, will all be gone. But your wedding photos will be what remains, hopefully passing through generations of family for years to come. Few things will be more important in future memories that the entire record of your wedding day.  Especially as time passes, and people leave us, as they surely will.

The art of photography captures those important things in our lives. A wedding photographer captures possibly the most important day in your life, the fun, the tears, the happiness, the romance. Few things are more romantic than a wedding, few things will impact your life so profoundly.

Picture Your Beautiful Wedding Photography.

What does every bride see in her mind when she imagines her wedding photographs? It's your wedding photographer who will be entrusted to create those images, record the day, and also get great shots of all of the details you spent a year planning and investing in. Of all the things you will plan for your big day,

I believe that the choosing who will capture your wedding pictures is the biggest decision you will make. Your photography will last a lifetime, even a few lifetimes. This is why your choice of wedding photographer is so very  critical. Good professional wedding and portrait photography is an art form. When you look closer at what it truly involves, it's a highly specialized subject.

If you search the term "Wedding Photographer Michigan" there will be many sites to see. Be sure to look closely, and the differences will start to appear. Choose very carefully.

Don't Forget Your Engagement Session.

I can't stress this enough - an engagement session is really useful before your wedding day. Extremely useful.

For more information, pop over to the engagement pictures page where there is are some very helpful pointers, as well as some beautiful images.

Lighting Is Everything.

It's all about the lighting. Of course posing a bride and groom counts, and making a posed shot look natural, not posed, is a skill in itself. But no matter how good the scene is, if the light falling on the faces of the bride and groom is awful, it's an awful image. The range of lighting on most wedding days is extreme, from bright mid-day sun, to dark churches, even darker reception rooms, and a multitude of other challenges.

A true professional wedding shooter takes it all in their stride, and can use multiple lights all coming from different directions. It really does demand a high level of skill. Beware the amateur masquerading as a professional.

Our Wedding Venues page has some information, though it's currently being updated.

For that special gift, have a look at the Bridal Boudoir page.


I hope that this page has given you some useful information. Of course, if you would like to know more, please reach out at any time.

Hugh Anderson.