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Stacy & Mark Sneak Peek

Stacy & Mark Sneak Peek.

Today was the wedding of Stacy & Mark. Yesterday really, since it’s now the early hours of the following morning! I wanted to get these images up, so a little burning of the midnight all was called for. And coffee of course. Don’t forget the coffee.

Stacy & Mark, I literally could photograph them every single week – and that’s because a more pleasant couple you couldn’t expect to meet. They were awesome to work with, and be around.

I started with Mark at his home, noticing immediately how much more tidy he is than me! He certainly has his man cave/bedroom in perfect condition, just right for the groom photographs we were about to start taking.

There was a gift from Stacy, and that always makes for some great groom photographs. Actually, there was more than one gift, even better. So he was positioned comfortably on the bed, and the unwrapping began. Very cool. Just the one sneak image of that scene below, more to follow.

Then it was off to the Marriott Hotel to photograph Stacy.

Stress free bride.

Stacy was as ever, totally chilled. The time in the hotel was stress free, a good thing at the start of any wedding day. I don’t just mean stress free for me, I mean for everyone in the room. It makes everything so much more enjoyable.

We had a great time, and grabbed some really cool photographs. As is obvious below, Stacy was absolutely glowing.  On to the next stage.

The First Look.

There wasn’t a lot of options for a First Look scene, and we elected to use a colored wall around the corner. We literally waited on a break in the traffic. The happy couple had their first Look, then went on to open some gifts. Some really cool gifts!!!

After that it was romantic photos, family photos, and one of the shortest ceremonies I have ever seen. By design.

Enough blabbing by me, here are a handful of images to celebrate what was truly a wonderful wedding.

Congratulations to you both! For more information and help check out our Engagements Page and  Wedding Photographer page.