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Stacy & Mark – Detroit Engagement Session

Stacy & Mark wanted to go to downtown for Detroit engagement session. A great choice!

As always, there was ample photo possibilities, but one specific request was a photo with the Detroit skyline in the background. We trudged up a pretty steep hill for our vantage point. Twice! We photographed the shot with a little light left in the sky, then again, once all of the buildings were lit.  Hence the double trek. The resulting images were certainly worth it, you can see a couple of them below.

Stacey told me her family has a tradition with silly string, and rather than have it hurled at her on her wedding day, she elected for her mom and aunt to make an appearance during the shoot. Then the fun began! I must admit, it was nice to photograph such an unusual thing. Catching the silly string in mid air made for a more dynamic image.

Last night, Stacy & Mark came over to discuss the final set of images. It seems that they are very happy!  🙂

We have to wait until next June for the wedding, but if the engagement session is any indication, it’s going to be a fun day. I for one am looking forward to it.