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Senior photo shoot. Senior photo sessions are always a blast!

A few days ago Xochi came around with her mom and brother, and we shot some images.

Xochi was certainly a quiet girl, very reserved, but she definitely has in inner strength – her brother was quick to confirm that! Still, I knew that I needed to coax some expressions gently out of her, she clearly was not enthused to be standing in front of my lights and camera.

This is the job of a photographer of course. Not every subject is desperate to be photographed, and grinning from ear to ear. Often, the exact opposite is true, and kit takes a lot of work to help someone relax into it all. Xochi was one of those subjects.

One thing that did inspire her was her guitar. I noticed that when she was holding it, she was more confident, more in control. We took a lot of senior pictures with her guitar in hand. It was fun!

A few days later, after I had been able to edit and polish the images to a high standard, Xochi came back with her mom for a viewing session.

When a mom sits down to look at the senior pictures from a senior photo shoot, and cries at the sight of the first images, it’s a fantastic feeling. I’ll take that as a sign that we had a successful senior photo session. The first image has been hand painted, digitally. It’s now a wall portrait.

For more information, visit the portraits page.


Did you know, Portraiture goes back to over 5,000 years ago, in Ancient Egyptian times. Of course it wasn’t a camera that was uses, but sculptures.