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Romantic Wedding Pictures

Romantic wedding pictures.

Wedding pictures are of course what you want when you hire a wedding photographer, and the photographic possibilities are endless.

But what will your favorite wedding pictures be about? Will it be the happy smiling image? Or a photograph with your bridal party? Walking down the aisle? The first kiss? Family?

Based on the reactions of many brides over the years, it's the romantic wedding pictures that really grab the attention of every bride. It's the romantic photographs that evoke the emotion.

Does it grab you?

So what about this bride and groom portrait? Does it grab you? If you were the subject, would this image get center stage in your wedding album? If so, it's important to select a wedding photographer that captures images like this. Could it be described as fashion wedding photography? Perhaps, but for sure, it certainly is an emotional wedding image.


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Most of my couple opt for an engagement session, and I consider that to be the perfect trial run.