Ready To Take Some Awesome Senior Pictures?

Senior Pictures are fun! Always incredibly varied, always with people who really want to be photographed. Creating high quality senior photos is such a cool thing to be able to do.

Every high school senior has their own unique style and personality, making them an absolute joy to work with. Often, they have their own senior picture ideas, making their photo shoot even more varied.

Some want to be a pretty straightforward in their styles, some want to be really creative, and most are willing to try anything to get the shot. A perfect situation!

There's a small sprinkling of my senior pictures further down the page. I hope you like them.

High School Senior Pictures Checklist


Pre Session Consultation.

Let's have a conversation about your clothes, style, colors, etc.


Professional Make Up.

Girls, this will make a serious difference to the results of you session


The Photo Shoot.

Typically, a photo shoot lasts 1 - 2 hours, and sometimes can be even more.


Editing & Retouching.

This is where a lot of the work is done, highly polishing your final images.


Choosing & Ordering.

Here we view your images and help you with the image selection process.


Your Product Delivery.

Taking delivery of your beautiful senior products. Awesome!

Booking Your Senior Pictures Shoot

You can reserve your High School Senior Photographer Pictures Shoot using the button further up the page, and will be contacted as soon as possible, often within an hour or two during weekdays, to arrange a suitable time and date. Should there be no availability that suits, you can of course request a full refund. Thus far, this has never been an issue.

If you prefer, use the Contact button below, or call 248 890 6001.

Your Senior Pictures - What To Expect

Before the day of the shoot it's important that we have an in depth discussion with your photographer what you want to get from working on your senior photos, what particular aspects of your personality you would you like to be captured. The aim is to make sure that your senior pictures reflect your personality. 

Also, let's talk about wardrobe! The boys arrive wearing their wardrobe  - the girls arrive with a suitcase and several hangers draped with clothes. So how to get the boys more involved ...? That's a whole other chanllenge!

With just a little planning and insight, we will produce an awesome set of photographs that show just who you are. This is a particularly important chapter in your life, let's produce some really cool senior pictures together!

Let's get into some specifics below.

Some Tips For Awesome Senior Photos.


The biggest tip is to avoid busy patterns. Plaid and stripes are not flattering, and will serve to draw attention away from the main attraction - you!

Solid colors photograph best, and muted tones will not overtake you. A solid shocking pink top may look good, but in a photograph it's all the viewer will see.

So what if your favorite top happens to be a really bold color? Bring it. In fact, bring a lot more than you think you will need. We can go through your items, do some mixing and matching, and perhaps come up with some cool combinations.

Ideally, you should bring dress clothes, dress/casual and casual. For the girls, dresses look awesome, and if you like to wear them, bring them. In fact, whatever your favorite outfit is, the thing that makes you feel good, should certainly be brought to your shoot.

Make sure that your clothes are well pressed and on hangers to keep them in good shape. Crushed clothes just don't look good.

As far as clothes are concerned, more is better.  As always, don't be afraid to consult with your Senior Photographer - that's part of what we do. 


Make sure that underwear wont show through anything you will be wearing. And if you don't want straps to show, bring something strapless.


If there is one thing that you can do to dramatically improve your senior pictures, it's makeup.

Makeup can smooth out uneven skin tones, enhance eyes, sculpt cheekbones, and generally make you look fantastic.

Don't ear makeup with an SPF (sun protection) because it will make your skin shine - the opposite of what we want for your senior photo shoot. Instead, use a translucent powder.

Makeup for your senior portraits is so important, if you can't apply your own effectively, it may be worth investing in someone who can. The results will be worth it.


As with makeup, the proper hair styling makes all the difference. This is not a time to experiment though, the last thing you want is a style that you end up disliking.

Also, getting a haircut within a day or two of your senior shoot is a big no-no. Hair can look freshly cut, especially on boys. The best thing is to let it grow out for at least a week.

A little wind can change a lot of hair, so bring a hairbrush, clips, hairspray etc., and a small mirror is always worth having on hand.


Jewelry is best to be simple and classy. Large, bright bauble will merely take the attention away from you.


What defines you?  If you play the trombone, bring it! Have a favorite hat, bring that too. You can even bring a friend for a couple of shots.

Be aware though, if you have a friend or parents, and it's causing you to be distracted or self conscious, they might be better to wander off somewhere for a little while. Better senior pictures will come of it.


Yes, teenage skin can have some issues, and if it's something of an issue for you, don't worry. I'll deal with it. It's amazing what some skillful retouching can achieve, and any blemishes that decided to show up on the day, or have set up permanent camp, will be removed.


Avoid chipped nails. They look very unflattering, and well tended nails can really make a difference.

And remember...

This is your high school senior photo shoot, and as your Senior Photographer, I can promise you one thing -we are going to have fun!!!!!


In Studio Or On Location?

It's a common question, where to shoot your session. Let's look at the differences.

In Studio.

The first benefit to the studio is it isn't effected by the weather! In Michigan, the weather is a little crazy, so we can remove the possibility of being rained out with a studio session.

The second benefit is control. The light is entirely controllable, and images can be sculpted accurately. Not so much with the sun outdoors, it pretty much does what it wants.

Thirdly, the ability to change outfits, spruce up, alter hair etc., is all so much more easy indoors. Because changing in the back of a car is a little more challenging, right?


On Location.

Well, it's pretty cool to be shooting outdoors. If the weather behaves itself, and we can find some cool places to to our thing, outdoors is extremely attractive. The first thing is variety.

You can take a photograph facing one direction, turn around, and now you have an entirely different scene. No doubt, there are a lot of options. But unlike the studio, we have to try and find our best light, and outfit changes aren't as easy. Less things on hand really, and that also applies a little to photographic equipment.

High School Senior Photographers.

Senior photographers - my goodness, there are so many!

Some are offering a traditional, older feel of high school senior photography, others a more modern, edgy style. What type of senior photography are you looking for? This is an important question when choosing a senior photographer.

You may have your own senior pictures ideas and poses, so get in touch and we can discuss what you want. Don't forget that yearbook picture, however I'm afraid will have to be a little less creative.

Additionally, it's a good idea to make sure that your photographer is experienced, and not just someone who just got a camera for Christmas, and since their friends posted nice comments on Facebook, has decided that professional photography is easy. It isn't.  It still requires years of practice to be good at it. Seriously, there is a lot of that out there, and the only people who suffer from badly taken photographs are you, the client.

So let's go the professional route, and take some awesome senior photos! Here's some posing tips.


Of course there are the typical wallet photos available, but in addition, we have some other very cool products to offer you.

Possibly the item with the most longevity is our Custom Italian Senior Album. This is a book designed around your own unique images, with options on the size, number of pages and color. You can even select a beautiful box for your album, with a matching or contrasting color choice.

Your album will me made to rigerous standards in Italy, with a touch of style inherent only in the Italians. You will love it, and so will everyone that picks it up in your home. Some seniors leave it on display, while others tuck it safely away, bringing it out to view or show occassionaly.

Here are a couple of examples. Please ask to see our extensive collection at any time.

High school senior-book-3. Italian high school senior album
High school senior-book-1. Italian high school senior album
High school senior-book-2. Italian high school senior album