Isn't It Hard To Know The Price For Something You Haven't Seen?

Photography is subjective. What one person loves, another dislikes. So how do you put a price on that, accurately?  You Can't.


In my portrait work, there is no session fee, no price to cover the "photographers talent" no price for anything else for that matter.

The work that I produce for you will be the best decider. You buy what you like, and so I must work very hard to produce art that you like.  Or love!

I do need to make appointments securely though, so there is a $75 booking fee, and this will be fully applied to your order. In the unlikely event that you don't like your images, the $75 will be refunded in full. Either way, it's still a risk and cost free session. Call now. 248 890 6001 or fill out the contact form. 

In Home Photography Sessions

Portraits can be commissioned in your own home, and we enthusiastically encourage it.  In this case, there is a fee. To come to your home and set up equipment, a mobile studio in effect, the fee is $150.

The session in your own home allows us to photograph in an environment that is comfortable to you. In addition, your changes of clothes will be right there on hand. And for the ladies, things like make up, hair products, etc., are all available.

The family photograph below was taken in their family home early on Christmas Eve using a studio background and studio lights. For more of the same, head over to the Families page.

Family photography. Traditional family wall portrait of an Indian family in traditional Indian clothing. Photographer: Hugh Anderson Photography.