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Welcome!  I hope that we can work together soon on some beautiful family portraits of those special people in your life. Time slips by so quickly, and it's important to recod our families as much as we can. Framed family portraits also available.

My family photo sessions can be in your home, outdoors, or at my studio location. And they are always fun! Get in touch today.

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The Work Of A Family Photographer

The work of a family photographer has changed over the years, in so many ways. The digital age has seen to that. We professional photographers had to evolve. But there is much, much more to family portraits than simply pressing the shutter and handing over digital files, as now seems to often be the case. 

Digital, on the face of it, seems so much more simple. You can see what you are getting, and deliver a reasonable file in no time at all. Yet there can be a great deal of artistry in the post production of a high quality family photograph. Pehaps the image was captured in a mere 1/500th of a second,  and from there I often spend an hour or two working on this single image. And often much more. 

High quality images take time, and artistry, to become their best.

Pulling Out The Photo Box

Remember your parents pulling out the albums, and/or the boxes of family pictures, and spending hours looking through them all? I do. It was so much fun. In my home, many of those images were captured by family, but there was always a selection that came from the family photographer. You could spot them instantly - they were better! A box of physical prints were a family treasure.

Tomorrows generation will miss out on all of that, unless we maintain a place in our lives for traditional family photos. Of course traditional does not mean stuffy. They can still be fun, but printed on paper or canvas.

Today, it's all digital. But what happens is that as we pile more and more family photos into our devices, it becomes increasingly difficult to find anything that we want.  How often do we go swiping through image after image for that one shot? And when we have a crash then what?  Disaster!

Don't get me wrong, it's good that we have all of those photos on hand. Really good. But, it's not the home we should create for those most special images. For those, we have walls!

Just look at our children. Do you feel like time is slipping away fast, and they are growing up at breakneck speed? And of course, they are. So what should we do about it?

Well, I think that building a relationship with your family photographer is very, very important. Notice I said "your" family photographer. That's because I believe that you should build a long term relationship, with the same person. Someone who can relate to you more and more, as time goes by.

Family Photoshot At Home.

A family photoshoot at home is becoming more and more popular. There are of course a lot of benefits, not least of which is feeling more comfortable, both physically and emotionally. It's easier to relax in your own home.

Access to all of your "stuff" is also a big advantage.

If you would like to know more about a family photoshoot at home, please get in touch.

Are Family Portraits Worth It?

Yes!!!!  I can't think of any single time, that a client has looked at a beautiful wall portrait and said, "I wish we hadn't had that taken". On the other hand, I can give you a long list of people who will say "we love our family photos"!!! If it's something that everyone loves to have in their homes, why do we do it so few times in our lives?

Same Doctor, Same Dentist, Same Gardener.

We go to the same doctor, same dentist, same car mechanic, even have the same person cut our grass. Yet having a continuous family photographer just doesn't seem to be the usual thing. How many times would you say to someone, "I'm seeing our photographer next week" as a matter of course? It would raise at least some curiosity.

If you are a person that says that often, I applaud you.

Say the words "I'm seeing my chiropractor, or therapist, or yoga teacher - and nobody bats an eyelid.

Sadly, an appointment with  a family photographer tends to be a chore that we force ourselves to do eventually. Yet it can be so much fun! Well, depending on the photographer, right?

TV Versus Family Portraits

Most people have more widescreen TV's than family portraits. That's a fact. And when we think about it, it's so upside down. The new TV is worth a lot less after we take it out of the box, and before we know it there will be a shinier, better, bigger model that we want. It's the same with phones. If we add together the number of TV's and smart phones that we have bought over the last 10 years, and the cost of it all, it will likely be substantial.

How many family photos did we commission during the same period?  Sadly, for many, the answer will be none. Can we fix that, as soon as possible please?

Just imagine for a moment if you will, having a 30" x 40" beautifully lit portrait of you grandparents in your possession right now.  A stunning image, in a gorgeous ornate frame. Now ask yourself the question - what value would you personally put on that item?

Yes, that's exactly how valuable today's portraits will be to our children, grandchildren and beyond.

Small Wall Portrait Upgraded.

I was asked not too long ago to take a portrait at the home of a family. They had told me on the phone that they already had a framed family photo, but wanted it to be updated. On arriving, I asked to see what they currently had. It was an 11 x 14 (marginally bigger than an 8x10) and it was in a frame on the main wall of the room, over a sofa.

Truly, to be able to see who was in the photograph, I had to walk up to the sofa, and lean over onto the back of it.  That started a conversation, and I said "if this is a feature image of your family, shouldn't a person be able to walk into the room, and clearly see who is in it? The family agreed.

On that wall, over the sofa, now hangs a beautiful 30 x 40 inch canvas print, exquisitely framed, proudly displayed. Do you think it is noticed, and is a talking point to anyone who visits? You bet it is. But more importantly, the family see it, with clarity, every single day. What a wonderful investment, In years to come, grandchildren will acquire that beautiful portrait, and hang it on their walls.

What I would give to have a large wall portrait of my grandmother. A portrait will outlive us. This is so very important.

Back To TV's - Imagine An 11x14 One!

Think about this business of size. Imagine if your TV was 11x 14 inches, and to see who was on screen, you had to walk up to it and peer. Ridiculous isn't it.  Compared to modern TV's, that 30 x 40 inch canvas seems small. Most of us buy huge TV's, as large as possible, and as thin as possible, and we hang them on the wall in the best possible position. For everyone to seem right?

So why don't we do that with photos of the absolutely most important thing in our lives - our family? It's a really good question?

I hope that in the end, you will go big with your family portraits. It's something that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Family, after all, are the most important part of our lives.

I'm ready to book, or have some questions.

Family Portraits - Where To Go?

The best family lifestyle photographer near you can easily be found with a quick Google search. Type in "best family lifestyle photographer near me" and you will be overwhelmed by the number of results.

What isn't so easy, is finding a local photographer that will fit well with you and your family. The best advice for finding a good local photographer, is to call around and speak to a few. Actually speaking to people seems to be a dying art, in this case, it matters.

Ask some pertinent questions. The answers might of course be tailored to whatever you ask, but to begin with, you will get a feel for the person on the other end.  Do they sound like someone you would want to spend time with? Personality in a family photographer is paramount. How else will natural expressions and smiles be drawn out in your session?

Michigan wedding photographer Hugh Anderson helps a young ring bearer with bow tie.

If you have young children, a goofball personality in your photographer goes a long, long way. Someone who can make your kids laugh is worth their weight in gold in a family photo shoot.

So look at sites, call some local photographers, have a chat and trust your intuition.  Of course, I do hope you go no further and simply press the contact link in the menu!

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