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Portrait photographers creates beautiful works of art, destined hopefully to adorn the walls of your home. Ever walked into a room and seen a large wall portrait, virtually life size?  It dominates it's space, and it's hard to look away from it. That's what a successful wall portrait should do, demand your attention.

Family photographer Hugh Anderson Photography. Studio painted portrait photo 01
Family photographer Hugh Anderson Photography. Photo on the wing of a plane
Young girl blowing bubbles. Hugh Anderson Photography
Family photographer Hugh Anderson Photography. Studio painted communion portrait photo 01
Portrait of an Indian girl in traditional dress. Hugh Anderson Photography
Portrait photographers. Portrait of a violinist. Studio portrait by Hugh Anderson Photography.
Child family portrait in a traditional style. Photographed in Metro Detroit. Portrait photographers: Hugh Anderson Photography.

Why Portrait Photographers Are Important.

A good portrait photographer is an important person to have around. They can create stunning images that can be hung on your walls, or perhaps framed as a small desk portrait.

Whether you want traditional portraits, or something with a more contemporary style of photography, your chosen portrait photographer is there to produce beautiful, professional photographs of you and your family.

The most important thing, regardless of size or style, is capturing the images.

I'm old enough to remember those times where we were sitting around as a family, browsing the boxes of family photos. We laughed a lot at how people had changed, it really was a fun time. And the photographs were priceless then, even more so now.

Digital storage has taken a lot of that away, however, people I think are turning more to printed work again. Most of us have felt the pain of a crashed or lost computer drive, and the chunk of our memories it takes with it.

Life does get busy, but try to take the time to capture a little bit of life as we go along. "I wish that I hadn't had that beautiful portrait taken" is NOT something that I have ever heard before.

Perhaps you would like a studio session, or an outdoor location environment. No problem, and if you are unsure,  have a chat with us and we can discuss the differences. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Regular Portrait Sessions.

Your photographer is someone that you should have regular contact with, at least once a year. Our children grow and an astonishing rate, and before we know it, we are planning their wedding! Let's make sure all of the stages of their lives are captured, beautifully.

Take time today to book your professional portrait session.  You will love the beautiful photographs that come out of it, and you will even have fun in the process!

More About Style.

The images on this page are there to display some different styles.

There is a traditional, formal portrait style, as well as a casual outdoor shot. Have a close look - there are also images that have been digitally overpainted, to give the finished print a "painterly" look. When printed on to canvas, the end result is stunning.

There's a photographic style to suit a variety of tastes, please call and have a chat if you are unsure about what you would prefer, and would like some guidance.

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What Makes The Best Portrait Photographers?

The  best portrait photographers are hard to define. Photography after all, like all art, is subjective. Where one photographer may be considered the best by one person, another may not like them at all.

So in looking for the best portrait photographers, look only for what's best for you. Who do you like? Does their style fit with your taste. And then there is the question of personality.

A lady called a few days ago to discuss a session, and it would involve a two year old boy. An active two year old boy! She had already spoken with two other studios, and discounted them. Why? Because they displayed an aloof attitude. The interpretation was, if this person is aloof with me on the phone, how on earth will they be able to get on the same level as a two year old? This is critical - to be able to get the attention of a child, like those on this page, there needs to be a little craziness. So it's not always about the best technical photographer, is often about the photographer that can draw out an expression. A natural expression.

The Perfect Portrait

A good, solid photographer will employ many skills, much more than just photography. Of course great photography is a must, but as I just mentioned, it's getting the expression from a person that makes people look at an image and exclaim, "that is so them, perfect!"

Pulling out genuine expressions from someone is a skill in itself, and one thing is for sure - it requires some personality to do it. I'm sure you can't imagine someone with a dull personality making you, or your children, sparkle in an image? Neither can I.

Spend just a little time chatting to your photographer, even on the phone, before arranging a session. They will either be someone that you can't wait to get off the phone with (don't book them!!!) or you will enjoy the chat. And that's a good sign.

If you meet in person ask yourself this question. "Do I like being around this person?" You will have to if they are to get the best out of you in your portrait session.

Capturing personality.

Capturing the essence of someone, that's what makes a great portrait photographer. And what about posing? Well, before you arrive you might want to check out this YouTube video, it will help with expression.

For group images see our Family Photographer page, and for business purposes, the Headshots page. Do you have a wedding coming soon? Check out the Wedding Photography page. Of course the latest work is posted in the Blog.

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