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Noah’s, Auburn Hills | Kirstie & Neil | A Few Wedding Images

Noah's was where Kirstie & Neil celebrated their wedding.

The day was beautiful, everything went smooth, and the images were many! It's funny, although I never personally photographed this event, as I edit the images I find myself at times with a tear in my eye from seeing the connection between Kirstie & Neil. What they have for each other leaps off the screen at me, it's powerful stuff. I recall how close they were when I photographed their engagement session.

Noah's is a lovely venue, and new on the scene. It's very suitable for having both your wedding ceremony and reception. I must admit to being very happy that it's literally 5 minutes from my house. How's that for convenient.

First Look.

And what about this "First Look"? Some First Look's just stand out as being so emotional, and this was one of them. This, in my opinion, completely captures a very, very special moment.

There is no doubt that a First Look makes for a better day as far as photography is concerned. It allows much more time to work on those romantic photographs, bridal party photographs, and other things you might want to do.

Trying to squeeze a lot of photography between the ceremony and reception, when there is no First Look, is much more challenging. Have a First Look, you will get more photographs because of it.

Thanks to Stacey Shy & Dave Lamarand for a great set of images. Enjoy. For more information and help check out our Wedding Photographer page.

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