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Heart Melters.

Yes, these two are certainly going to melt a few hearts in their lifetimes.

These are images from a recent impromptu family shoot. With a very small window of opportunity as far as attention spans are concerned, we managed to nail some nice shots. But only AFTER sending the parents out of the room!  Less distractions, better pictures of kids, every time.

That’s the thing about photographing children, their attention spans are not too long. They will get distracted by whatever is going on around them, and so there is sometimes a solution. Remove the distraction!

A loud parent doesn’t help. Sorry!

I photographed a little boy recently, and the father, well meaning, was standing off to the side saying “smile, stand up, look at the camera, smile!”. And this was all being said loudly, very loudly. There is absolutely no chance that I can get the full attention of that little boy with his fathers voice booming out from the sidelines.

So if you want your kids to do well in a photo shoot, take the low road, keep quiet, and let the photographer grab their attention. Just like with the kids in these family photographs, I only need their absolute attention for 1/160th of a second at a time. That’s it. We get the shot, everyone is happy, it’s a successful shoot.

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These photographs were shot at The Village Club in Bloomfield Hills. The plan was to photograph the children before they sat down to dinner. Since they were going to be all dressed up, it seemed like a plan.

The time allowed to do this work was literally 5 minutes. The children didn’t want to sit for a photo, and as mentioned, the presence of the parents made it harder.

So I sent the parents into an adjoining room, still visible to the kids, but far enough away that they couldn’t chat. Then it’s simply a case of making them smile and laugh, and capturing the moment. It was pretty much a “rush job” though.

I hope you like the results.