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ERAS Headshot

ERAS Residency Photo


Get A Professional ERAS Photo

Your new career is on track,  congratulations!

There are very specific ERAS headshot application photo specifications required by the AAMC for your ERAS application. Here’s the specifications for your headshot portrait.

  • 2.5 x 3.5 inch image

  • Resolution of 150 dpi

  • File size less than 100kb

It’s really quite a small image, think drivers license size. That of course isn’t the size we will start with – we will start with a high resolution digital photograph, and reduce it to suit the ERAS application. That will give you a sharp, clear headshot.

A Little More For You.

The ERAS application headshot is, as mentioned above, small. But that’s not all you will take home. Here’s what you will get, whether it’s a single headshot session, or multiple headshots.

  • Your headshot portrait in full resolution.
  • Both print and web resolution versions.
  • Different crops to fit various social sites

You may want to use a portrait in a typical rectangular format for one use, but the need it to be a square for your LinkedIn profile portrait. We make sure you have the right crops to avoid distorted social media profile photos.

Turnaround Time.

Typically, the turnaround time for your images is within 48 hours. If you want to choose your final headshot portrait while you are here, you can. Or, if you prfer to discuss it with someone, or ponder the options, a complimentary online gallery with the images taken will be uploaded for you to choose from.


Headshot Prices

Express Session

This won’t talk up much of your time, typically around 20 minutes.

This session included one outfit, and one fully retouched headshot portrait. There will be a selection of proof images, usually 10-20, from which to choose your final headshot.


Regular Session

Our popular session, and it lasts around 45 minutes.

Change outfits to have different looks to choose from, and select 2 final retouched headshot portraits. You can make your choices at the time, or a complimentary online gallery can be created for you.


Enhanced Session

The enhanced session gives you so much more, and takes around an hour.

Unlimited outfit changes and looks, this headshot portrait session gives you 5 fully retouched final headshots. Different looks to suit all of your needs.

Make your final choices from your complimantary online gallery.