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Cassie & Ahmad Saginaw Wedding

I wanted to post a few more images from the Saginaw wedding of Cassie & Ahmad.

It was a lovely event, and Saginaw is a wee drive from where I am based. But the trip was worth it.

The ceremony and reception were both held at The Golden Glow Ballroom. It was a hot day for an outdoor ceremony, but to the relief of everyone, the bride and groom wanted it to be short. Ahmad even joked with me after it saying "was that short enough?" It was - somewhere around 8 minutes.

The vintage truck that they made their wedding ceremony escape in was pretty cool. Loved the red!

This was a very unusual event for me. They had already booked a photographer, and were then unable to even get a response by email from them as the big day approached.

Imagine that - you book a photographer, and six weeks before your wedding, they wont return your emails - and you have been trying for a month.

Anyone would panic!  So after some discussion by phone, Cassie booked Hugh Anderson Photography.

Also unusual - there was no engagement session. I see an engagement session as an important way of connecting with my clients. Fortunately, Cassie & Ahmad couldn't have been nicer, or more easy going, so connecting with them wasn't hard.

It's these connections between client and photographer that help to bring out the best in your wedding photographs. No doubt, that connection someone has with the lens doesn't always come easy, but when it's there, it's so obvious. It's also hard to define. A person can just look at a photograph and feel the connection, without knowing why they feel it.

Looking over these images again, the love shared between these to is palatable. It just jumps of the screen. If this is what every Saginaw wedding is like, sign me up!

Congratulation again guys, your wedding was awesome! Check out the sneak peek images.

Saginaw wedding photographs. Hugh Anderson Photography 01

Saginaw wedding photographs. Hugh Anderson Photography 01

Saginaw wedding photographs. Hugh Anderson Photography 01

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