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Professional Headshots Fast!

Business headshots, or professional headshots, are now an important part of every corporate image. Staff headshots now grace our web pages, offering potential clients a glimpse at who they will be dealing with. For your corporate photography needs, including business portraits, please use the booking options below, or get in touch by phone or by using our contact form.

Business Headshot Pricing

Mini Session - $150

Up To 20 Minutes
One Outfit
One Medium Resolution File
2-3 Days Delivery

Standard Session - $450

30 - 45 Minutes
Two Outfits
Three High Resolution Files
2-3 Days Delivery

Extended Session - $750

60 - 90 Minutes
Unlimited Outfits
Five High Resolution Files
1-2 Days Delivery

Placing Your Order

You can order your Business Headshot Session using one of the buttons above, and will be contacted as soon as possible, often within the hour, to arrange a suitable time and date. If you prefer, pop over to the menu and use the Contact link to get in touch, or call 248 890 6001.

On Location Business Headshots

If you prefer to have your professional business headshot at your location, or have more than a few people requiring headshots to be taken, an on location headshot session may be the answer. I will bring studio lights and backgrounds, and set everything up at your home, office, or wherever works best. 

This works well with multiple staff members, instead of them all leaving the building for a couple of hours, they only need to stop work for the time their own headshot takes.

On Location Travel & Setup Fee - $150

Some FAQ's

Business Headshots. Why do we need professional headshots anyway?

Business headshots are the first thing people see when they click on profiles, whether it be on business pages, LinkedIn profiles, or Facebook pages. Our eyes are immediately drawn to them, and if we are honest, we draw conclusions from what we see.

If that's the case, what kind of professional headshots would you like them to see on your business and social media pages?
It seems like you would want to make sure that your business headshots stand out, that they paint the professional picture of you that you want others to see. It's so significant to everything that we do online today. 

Your business headshots are your presentation to the entire world.  That's powerful stuff!

Certainly, there are many, many reasons for having good solid headshots, probably more than we will be able to get into here.  However, let's make a short list of what they might be.

You are the face of your business.

This is a big one, huge actually. 

If you run your own company, you are the public face of it. Therefore, you need to look the way you want your business to be perceived. Hence, good business headshots matter. A "selfie" in the car just doesn't cut it in professional terms, a point worth repeating below. 

It makes you look professional.

Have you ever looked at images that people use on their profiles, images taken in their car by themselves, with their arm reaching up to hold their phone? 

Have you seen blurry images, even ones that look like they were taken in a bar. Ask yourself this question: how impressed were you? It seems likely that you were swayed by that blurry, hard to see selfie.

If we think about it, we all look at someones profile picture and make an immediate interpretation about who they are, what they are like as a person, whether they seem like they would be nice to interact with, etc. I know, "don't judge a book by it's cover", but the fact is we do. Why else would it be important to dress for an interview? We judge, and we are judged. Constantly.

It shows a glimpse of our personality.

There is an awful lot of information to be gleaned from a professional business headshots. A good photographer will pull the subjects personality out into the image, and if that's true, then you can get a good feel for what someone is like from a headshot.
We can look at a photograph of someone, only their face, and decide that they are fun, serious, grumpy, laid back, we can even conclude that a person might be traditional, or New Age.  The combination of what we see in the face structure, the eyes, hair, and maybe a little clothing, tells us a great deal. Rightly or wrongly, we make an assessment.

It makes you current.

First of all, I certainly hope this is the case. Have you ever looked at someones headshot, then met an entirely different person? I think there can be a feeling of being a little duped. Someone displays an image from when they were eighteen years old, but now they are thirty five. It just doesn't fit, and because of that, many people think it's a little underhanded. Probably best not to do that.
Better to take just a little time and have a presentable, current headshot taken. You wont regret it.

It gets you noticed!

And finally, a stellar headshot photo will get you noticed. Again, looking at how we ourselves react, what do we think when we see really nice, sharp, well composed business headshots of other corporate professionals? We are suitably impressed! Well, we notice it, that's for sure.

A lot of money is invested into how we look in person, from the cost of suits, dresses, shirts and blouses, shoes and ties, and even the jewelry we wear. Because we care, right?  Yet the absolute first impression someone might get of us as a result of viewing our online profiles, may paint the wrong picture. Your business image is often neglected. Get noticed - get a headshot.


In conclusion, let's check off the benefits of professional headshots. In a nutshell, it looks professional, displays accurately who you really are today, get's you noticed, and stands head and shoulders above the masses of poorly executed, self taken snaps. Is there any reason NOT to have one, especially in today's online world?

Furthermore, let's not have one of those images that you see, with the chrome car headrest bar running up behind your head, an in car selfie.

Great perhaps for profile pictures on a Facebook personal page, but not so great in the business and professional arena. Because it doesn't look professional in any way! I hope I have convinced you of the need for a great headshot.

The investment?

Less than the price of an average pair of shoes, certainly less than a decent suit. Isn't that a good business decision? Let's take those professional headshots as soon as we can.

Headshots Clients Include Local Businesses ...

Preparing For Your Headshots.

Preparation for a great headshot session isn't too involved, but there are some things worth bearing in mind.

Choose clothing that is simple, preferably with solid colors. Avoid things like really bright colors, or heavy patterns - both will take the attention off of you. After all, these headshots are designed to feature you, not the clothing.

Especially avoid light colored small plaid as this can result in a strange effect called moiré. It will totally ruin your images. Simple really is best.

You can of course go light or dark, depending on your chosen look, and if you are uncertain, bring both. We can always shoot different options. These are your headshots, let's make sure we get it how you want it.

Hair should of course be neat and tidy, unless you are deliberately sporting a grungy look. Avoid arriving with a fresh haircut - it always seems to be obviously newly cut. Allow at least a few days for a new haircut to settle down.



Girls - make up will make a substantial difference to your images. Avoid make up that has an SPF (sun protection) as it will look oily on your skin. The target is a matte finish. There will sometimes be some face shine in your images, but that will be taken care of in post production. Starting out with a less shiny image does of course help a lot. 

Business Headshots Are Easy!

One thing that people always say after having their headshots taken is "oh, it was easier than I thought" or words to that effect. That's always the goal - to make sure that you are comfortable, enjoy and have fun with the entire process, and end up will an awesome set of headshots.


For more in depth photography sessions, and even portraits digitally overpainted to look like paintings, check out the Portraits page.