Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography defines a genre of sexy, yet tasteful, photographs.

This is not nude photography. Nudity is more implied than explicit in Boudoir photography, a tantalizing set of photographs created sometimes for someone else, as in the case of a brides gift to her groom.

It can also simply be a set of images that a woman wants only for herself, capturing a time when she felt sensual, confident, and beautiful. Gorgeous photographs to look back at as time passes.

Your Boudoir Location

The location can really set the scene.

Although the entire focus of an image can be on you, as in the image above where there are no distinguishable surroundings, it's also great to have a good scene to work with for shots that are pulled back.

Generally, this would be a hotel room. It can be a small comfortable space, or a larger, more grand affair. That's entirely up to you, and how much you want to invest in your Boudoir session. Please feel free to discuss the options.

A hotel room fits the bill, since the word Boudoir describes a woman's bedroom, or private sitting room. Actually, it originally describes a place to sulk, a sulking room. But of course we wont have any sulking during your session, it will be all fun! Seriously, I promise not to sulk.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance.

This page isn't stuffed full of Boudoir images because they are usually a private affair, and even though we have the express permission of many people to display their photographs, that misses the point of them being private. There has to be something of course, a teaser image as it were. That's exactly what is shown above.

Having a "private photographer" as it were is important to many people, and we will always respect your privacy.


Your safety is also extremely important.

A Boudoir session, unless other arrangements are made, will be in a respectable hotel room. You will never spend any time alone in the presence of your Boudoir photographer - there will always be an assistant present, a female.

Your session needs to be fun, relaxing, and a pleasant experience for all involved. The final images depend on that. If you have any specific requirements in order to feel comfortable, please discuss this prior to your Boudoir shoot.


Boudoir prices vary depending on your requirements.

Like all things, it depends on what you want to take home at the end of it all. Expect prices to start at $150 for the session, excluding the room cost which can vary depending on your choice of hotel.

There are many other options, hair and make up, an album, prints, etc. The average spend on a Boudoir session is currently around $600. It is highly recommended that you have hair and make up services, your results will be so much better.

We realize that this can be a delicate subject, so please feel free to reach out with any concerns, your communications will always be in the strictest confidence.

Session Fee  $295

Includes photographers time & make up artist.

All Communications Strictly Private

Senior pictures sessions are awesome! Always incredibly varied, always with people who really want to be photographed. It's such a cool job being a high school senior photographer.

Every high school senior has their own unique style and personality, making them an absolute joy to work with. Some want to be a pretty straightforward in their styles, some want to be really creative, and most are willing to try anything to get the shot. Perfect!

Here's a small sprinkling of seniors photographed by Hugh Anderson Photography.