Many people imagine that a Boudoir photo shoot is about taking “sexy” images of slender young girls, almost completely naked or topless, twisted into poses that are suggestive and perhaps even bordering on pornographic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take a look at the first image below – a fully clothed woman. Can this be considered Boudoir? Absolutely, in the right setting. But for those who disagree, we can re-label this shot as a “beauty shot”.

Boudoir, in my mind, is a celebration of a woman, who wants to feel empowered, in control, strong and confident. It’s about feeling better than you even have, and if that involves lingerie to feel and look sexy, that’s fine. If you prefer a dress – that’s also totally cool. It’s YOUR photo shoot, dress as you wish. And it’s much more likely to be a lady between 30 and 70 years old, than a 20 year old budding runway model.


Who is Boudoir Photo Shoot for?

Everyone! There are no boundaries, and no qualifications required. A breast cancer survivor is just as likely to book a Boudoir photo shoot as a grandmother is. And worrying about a Boudoir photo shoot is perfectly natural. People say things like they are:

Too old.
Too big.
Too small.
Too fat.
Too (insert whatever works)

This list can be endless, but it’s usually about putting off something you would really like to do. Sometimes it’s borne out of guilt, feeling guilty for doing something for you, for once. Reasons why not to have a session aside, remember this:

You are, quite simply, you. Embrace that fact. Own it. You are unique, we all are. Nobody is quite like you, so if you want to pamper yourself for an afternoon and capture awesome photographs of yourself, why not? For most women, the last time they dressed up and were professionally photographed was on their wedding day. My goodness, isn’t it time you treated yourself again?

There are many, many reasons why someone might want to be photographed in a Boudoir photo shoot, so let’s talk about some of them.

Why Book A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

1. As a Gift. Maybe you want to print an album for a loved one, or your groom as a wedding gift. I have seen this unfold, and it’s an awesome gift!
2. Fitness Achievements. Did you just hit that fitness goal? Feeling powerful and looking fantastic? What a great time to capture yourself.
3. Healing. Are you recovering from a serious illness like cancer? When we are reminded of our mortality, our outlook changes.
4. Confidence Boost. Reaching a certain age or milestone can dent our confidence, and a boost is sometimes required.
5. Empty Nest. The kids are gone! So many things to do, why not start by pampering yourself?
6. Life Changes. It can be divorce, a new job, or another new beginning. Treat yourself, you deserve it.
7. Overcoming Fear. Perhaps you always wanted to have a Boudoir photo shoot, and just need a little push to take the plunge.
8. Just Because. You have worked hard all your life, maybe raised kids. You deserve this.

Wedding Boudoir

This image was taken a few months before the subject’s wedding and presented to the groom with other images in an album. Every groom that I have seen rip the gift wrap off of a Boudoir album has been gobsmacked. I have even seen tears.

You can have your wedding photographer take the images, or reach out to another photographer who specializes in Boudoir if you prefer.

High school senior-book-3. Italian high school senior album

How Does It Work?

In booking a session with me it starts with a chat sometime before the Boudoir photo shoot date. It can be on the phone, in person, on Zoom, or even via text or email. We just need to communicate so that the day can go smoothly. 

On the day of the shoot, you will be well taken care of. There will be snacks and drinks, a stylist will be present the entire time, and the whole session will take somewhere around three hours, including getting ready. 

A room is provided for you to change outfits, and there is a dedicated restroom. At all times, your comfort and security will be paramount. You are in control. For example, if you want a lingerie session, and then decide when you arrive that you are no longer comfortable with it, that’s fine. You decide how to be photographed, you will never be pushed. 

Boudoir photo by Hugh Anderson Photography. 03

What About Outfits?

Bring everything!  Seriously though, bring more rather than less, it’s better to have too many choices than it is to have too little.

If you are aiming for a selection of styles, say with a dress, then a shirt, then lingerie, it’s better to have a good selection. If you get nervous and decide against a particularly revealing look, you will have other things to fall back on.  More is better.

We can communicate about colors and styles if you would like to do that. And sometimes, simple is best.

A True Story.

A photographer, Vincent Peters, was once commissioned to fly from Europe to New York to photograph Charlize Theron for GQ magazine.  An entire subway block was shut down for the shoot. There were lights, smoke machines, extras, the whole deal – it must have cost a fortune. Once there, the photographer received a message that Charlize did not want to make the trip (half an hour maybe?).

The photographer was upset. He had crossed the Atlantic and Charlize wouldn’t come upriver. He began to prepare to head home. Someone stopped him and told him that he could of course leave, but then someone else would get to shoot Charlze, and they would get the credit. So he stayed.

The next day, he was to photograph Charlize in her hotel. But trouble was brewing, she didn’t like her dress and refused to wear it. The photographer was getting frustrated, understandably. Then he had a flash of inspiration. He gave Charlize, the world famous actress, a bedsheet!

This is how a simple bedsheet can produce a stunning image that truly is a piece of art.

See the beautiful image here.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

Head over to the Boudoir page and fill out this short contact form, and we can start the process. I look forward to producing an excellent experience for you in your Boudoir photo shoot.

Here are some things not to do before a Boudoir shoot.