sarah-shawn wedding photography

Sarah & Shawn

Just a few more images from the wedding of Sarah & Shawn in West Bloomfield. Aren’t those little girls the cutest!? Visit our main page for the best wedding photographer help and information.

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Cassie & Ahmad – Sneak Peek

I spent the day with Cassie & Ahmad, and it was a wonderful day. The weather played a few tricks on us, but overall, everything went exactly to plan. Enjoy these few images. For more information and help check out our Wedding Photographer page.

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Groom Portrait – Mark

I always love it when a groom portrait looks as powerful as this one. To me, in this image Mark exudes strength and at the same time, poise. This is what is says to me – but what does it say to you? ¬†That’s the beauty of any portrait, the interpretation is entirely in the…

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Farewell to Yantee

Hearing of the passing of anyone brings sadness. But when it’s a young man, married for less than two years, it’s much more devastating. Yantee was a groom that I worked with, a lovely person, and based on what I experienced when I spent time with him, a gentleman. My deepest condolences go out to…

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