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Bikes For Kids.

Bikes For Kids says it all. I photographed this event on behalf of  Variety – The Children’s Charity Detroit. And what an event.

The first thing that I saw when I arrived was row after row of shiny new bikes, all neatly lined up and awaiting their proud new owners. I don’t know the exact number that was given away, but I believe it’s somewhere in the order of 160.  Whatever the number, that’s a lot of smiling faces! When life is tough, and you want many things, getting a brand-new bike must be a wonderful experience. I know I felt emotional about it all.

If you are going to throw a party like this, having some guests of honor is a good plan, and who better than two awesome ladies? Diana Lewis and her daughter Glenda from WXYZ – Channel 7, walked into the room on the arms of Santa, what an entrance. They then went on stage to present the first new bike to be given away.

The more I see as I photograph events like this, the more that I appreciate the dedication and effort put in by many, many people. All they want to do is make things a little better for all of the children that they touch. And they certainly do that.

Appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all of the sponsors that made this evening, and all of those beaming smiles, possible. You really do make a significant difference.

Here are a few images from the Bikes For Kids party – enjoy!

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bikes for kids 01

bikes for kids 02

bikes for kids 03

bikes for kids 06