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Abby Senior Pictures. Well for some reason, it has taken me a wee while to blog some of the images from the sessions with Abby.

This senior photo shoot was in fact two shoots. One outdoors in a lovely little place called Franklin, and a second one in a gymnasium.

The gymnasium shoot was a little more challenging, the main reason was that the background was something I couldn’t really control, not as I would like. So a little manipulation was required.

Senior photo shoots are always fun though, and certainly varied. Abby was perfect to work with. We had a little mishap when she fell over backwards in some long grass, but she simply stood up, shook it off, and kept smiling. Me, I was freaking out!  I haven’t lost a client yet. 🙂

A lot of my senior pictures are shot at outdoor locations, and many are shot in an indoor studio setting. And there advantages and disadvantages to both methods, and if I was forced to pick one, I would struggle to choose. So, in this case and in some others recently, we did two sessions. Two different days. Two sets of “Abby Senior Pictures”. More to choose from, and a lot of variety. It’s a win-win situation.

Abby was with her mom, Shelley. For us senior pictures photographers, a parent in tow is an added bonus. We suddenly have an enthusiastic helper, and that’s really cool when the breeze is trying to blow over your light stands. So thank you Shelley!

Anyway, enough of me clacking away on this keyboard, let’s get to the images of beautiful Abby.

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